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A comparative study of the sexual and emotional dependence Bayardo San Romn and Esteban Trueba have on Angela Vicario in Chronicle of a Death Foretold and Trnsito Soto in The House of the Spirits.

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World Literature Paper #1: Comparative Essay IB English Higher Level A comparative study of the sexual and emotional dependence Bayardo San Rom�n and Esteban Trueba have on Angela Vicario in Chronicle of a Death Foretold and Tr�nsito Soto in The House of the Spirits. Name: Carissa Makwinski Candidate #: 2820-131 Date: 24 April 2011 Word Count: 1,101 Women in Latin American societies are more than likely labeled inferior when being compared to men because society is generally patriarchal, a social system that originated some six thousand years ago and remains true to this day. Some women are "shadowed" by the overpowering men in their lives while the stronger, more independent women make an effort to break away from their attachment to men. In the novel The House of the Spirits written by Isabel Allende and the novel Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garc�a M�rquez, certain male figures in both novels are dependent of Tr�nsito Soto and Angela Vicario. However, they are dependent of the women sexually and emotionally. Esteban Trueba in The House of the Spirits seeks Tr�nsito Soto's attention throughout the novel. He enjoys her presence because Esteban can talk to Tr�nsito about his troubling life all the while making love to her. ...read more.


Even though it took some time for Esteban to appreciate and understand her hard work in this underground business, he definitely appreciates her "bold, swarthy" body (118). Not only is Esteban friends with Tr�nsito because he is able talk to her about his trouble at home but this tough, independent women makes him feel like "[he] is twenty again...who didn't make his hands feel heavy, [his] voice hard, [his] feet gigantic, or [his] beard too scratchy, but someone like himself"(118). She makes him feel like "himself" (118). Esteban turns to Tr�nsito in hope that she will help him forget his problems because she has the power to control his emotions by making love to him. After they finish making love the second time, he feels "happy", something that does not linger in his own home due to the deterioration of the big house on the corner after Clara's death (118). Their final sexual encounter, after the death of "Clara the Clairvoyant", results in the discovery that "[Esteban's] masculinity" is still "intact" and again, this makes him "happy" to know that he is still a man even though he is growing old (316). ...read more.


Esteban Trueba and Tr�nsito Soto's sexual relations are the foundation for the emotions that branch off of that. Esteban feels "happy" when they are making love because he knows that his masculinity is intact. If these two characters did not make love, Esteban would not know what it is like to be happy or know who he truly is, as Tr�nsito makes him feel himself. Tr�nsito's actions have a big impact on Esteban's emotions, which means that this woman is the dominant figure in these situations; Esteban does not influence Tr�nsito. As for Angela Vicario and Bayardo San Rom�n in Chronicle of a Death Foretold, they had one sexual encounter the night of their wedding. That night of their wedding, Bayardo discovered his lover was no longer a virgin, which was an utter shock to the Vicario family as it went against traditional Catholic beliefs that one should wait until marriage to physically devote themselves to another being. In this case, Bayardo does not have much sexual dependence on Angela, but he is selfish enough to want to marry her after only four months of engagement, which was "unlike engagements of the time", because he wants to know what emotions transpire when in one is in love (35). ?? ?? ?? ?? 2820-131 Makwinski 1 ...read more.

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