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A comparison of the relationship between Gregor and Grete in The Metamorphosis and Tita and Gertrudis in Like Water For Chocolate.

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A comparison of the relationship between Gregor and Grete in The Metamorphosis and Tita and Gertrudis in Like Water For Chocolate. The relationships between Gregor and his younger sister Grete in The Metamorphosis, both reflects and diverts from that of Tita and her elder sister Gertrudis in Like Water For Chocolate. The relationships between these characters change a lot over the period of time in which the two stories take place. For Gregor and Grete, their relationship changes when Gregor becomes a bug and Grete develops a fear of her older brother. Tita's relationship with her sister Gertrudis changes when Gertrudis become sexually entranced as a reaction to a meal that Tita has made. The disintegration of the relationship between Gregor and Grete is very different than the strengthening of the relationship between Tita and Gertrudis. In the beginning of both novels, the relationship between both sets of siblings is very close and can be seen to be very supportive. The relationship between Grete and Gregor before his transformation is very close. Grete and Gregor have a loving and kind relationship which also continues for a short time after his transformation. ...read more.


At this point in the story, Grete is still caring for Gregor and bringing him food; however, as he has just startled their mother greatly Grete is starting to become upset due to her family's situation. This part of the story initiates the downfall of Grete and Gregor's relationship which will never change. The relationship between Tita and Gertrudis can still be seen as a very close relationship in the middle of Like Water For Chocolate. Gertrudis is able to sympathize with Tita, especially at one point when Tita creates a fantastic meal of Quail in Rose Petal Sauce. The connection between Tita and Gertudis acts as a natural conduit for love for Gertrudis. "But something strange was happening to Gertrudis. On her the food seemed to act as an aphrodisiac; she began to feel an intense heat pulsing through her limbs." (Esquivel, 51) Tita makes the rose petal sauce using the rose that Pedro gave her as a symbol of his love. When Gertrudis eats the quail, the love that has been embedded in the sauce through the love in the rose is transferred throughout her body and puts her into a sexual trance. ...read more.


"'You've seemed distant for quite a while. Tell me what is it? It's about Pedro, right?' 'Yes.' 'If you still love him, then why are you going to marry John?' 'I'm not going to marry him, I can't.' Tita hugged Gertrudis and cried on her shoulder, without saying anything more." (Esquivel, 188). Even though Gertrudis has been gone for many months, she is still able to sympathize with Tita and understand her feelings of love. Their relationship is very strong which is important in keeping the bond between these two sisters. Through the quotations and reasoning above it can be clearly seen that that even though Tita and Gertrudis are physically distant their relationship is very strong, and important to both of the sisters. This explains why over time, their relationship remains unharmed even through hard times when they did not have each other nearby for support. This differs from the relationship of Gregor and Grete, who are emotionally distant and are unable to come to terms with their relationship. This explains why their relationship is not able to stay together during hard times. This analysis of the relationship between the siblings shows that the two pairs both reflect and divert from each other. Jessica Moldaver English 1/23/2008 ...read more.

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