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a comperative essay about the gender issues in Things Fall Apart from Chinua Achebe and Turkey

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Gender Based Discrimination Gender based discrimination have been one of the most controversal issues of the world. Unfortunately, it happens everywhere, even in the western ,industrialized nations that are thought to be closest to an ideal modern egalitarian treatment for women. Although western women have legal freedoms, the right to vote and to own property; they still dont enjoy full equality with men, nor are they socially valued or esteemed as men. Similarly, from the novel 'Things Fall Apart', mostly dealing with the culture of Nigerian society in 1800's, we can deduce that women were subordinated to men. Analysing the novel in terms of; interpretion of gender, domestic life of women, women & sexuality and the roles of men, many examples could be found. ...read more.


There were many women; but they looked on from the fringe like outsiders." (page 77) Also, they were not permitted to speak their minds or question their positions; therefore they internalized that status. " These women never saw the inside of the hut. No woman ever did. They scrubbed and painted outside walls under the supervision of men. They imagined what was there, they kept their imagination to themselves. No woman ever asked questions about the most powerful and the most secret cult in the clan." (page 78) Also, a man's power was measured by his physical strength. If one hasnt got a name by bloodshed he was called as agbala which also means woman, which is a quality to be ashamed of. ...read more.


Since a woman is not valuable herself, she is always described whether as a daughter or a wife of a man. She doesnt have the right to choose the man she marries and if she asks for divorce, her husband wants the bride-prize he had given back, which is very insulting as the marriage became a trade. "The law of Umuofia is that if a woman runs away from her husband her bride price is returned." (page 81) To sum up, the women were far from being equal with men in the Nigerian society in 1800's. But unfortunately, although we live in 21th century, and despite all the reforms and constitutional rights given, women are still confronting with some unequalities in social life, not only in Nigeria but also in Europe and Turkey. 1 ...read more.

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