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A passage in the style of Albert Camus. The passage I am going to write is to be set after the meal at Massons chalet and while Mersault, Masson and Raymond take a walk along the beach.

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Tom Gower 15/7/09 English literature World Coursework 2c The passage I am going to write is to be set after the meal at Masson's chalet and while Mersault, Masson and Raymond take a walk along the beach. Statement of Intent; Before exploring the details and precise literary techniques of the Camusian style it is worth looking at the general style of writing used in the outsider to gain a fuller understanding of it. One of the things which is very notable about the style is the lack of Imagery. Although Camus does give an adequate description of the world he creates he doesn't seam to fully explore or explain it in the way some writers might. There is of course also the fact that the whole novel is written in the first person. Because of this the narrator loses the omniscience a third person narrator often has, as we are only presented with Mersault's view of the world. This means the reader never has access to the thoughts of people who are talking to Mersault, merely Mersault himself. This lack of knowledge in the matters of others perhaps represents Mersault's lassitude in regard to the reasons people do things. Indeed this lack of interest is consistent throughout the novel. ...read more.


By showing that Mersault's crimes are merely refusals to conform Camus is trying to say that perhaps all laws; and consequently the moral values they are based upon are subjective and merely expressions of the political motives of the leaders of the societies in which they're found. This is of course a very existential assertion. The idea that perhaps not conforming and breaking the laws that are placed upon you could perhaps be a good thing, is one that would have been relevant to Camus. who had seen the devastating effects of Vichy capitulation while working for the resistance in WW2. Shortly after the conversation I have just discussed Marie asks Mersault if he thinks he even knows what love is, his reply to this is the lackluster 'maybe'. This demonstrates his penchant for laconic responses which is indicative of his unmotivated nature. Mersault is a man who doesn't like to elaborate his answers and I think this is a technique used to show how he likes to be as unnoticed as possible. I've already shown how Mersault doesn't conform, but I think that perhaps he doesn't know how to act instead of conforming and thus he keeps his answers as short and un-committing as possible. ...read more.


After a while I stopped and looked at her, her skin was slick with the water and her hair hung in wet strips down to her breasts. She looked beautiful and I wanted her so I kissed her and she kissed me back. After a while she stopped and asked 'do you love me?' This was kind of annoying because I'd already answered and didn't know what to say so I replied 'perhaps, maybe I do but I don't think so' then she said to me 'do you know what love is', 'maybe' I replied. She stared hard at me for a minute, and then laughed. We left the sea and returned to Raymond and mason who were talking about the Arab who had trouble with Raymond. Without being surrounded by the cool sea the temperature of the day started to get me again and I felt very drowsy; Marie announced that she felt tired too. Masson and Raymond said that they were going to buy some more wine and then head back to the chalet. Marie could tell that I didn't really want to go and so she said that we would rest on the beach and head back later. I thanked Marie and told her that I wouldn't mind going now if she wanted to. She said she didn't and I told her I was glad because I couldn't be bothered to go and that I was tired. 1487 words ...read more.

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