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A Pastiche continuing from Part I of Franz Kafkas Metamorphosis

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A Pastiche continuing from Part I of Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis Statement of intent: The following passage is a scene between Grete and her father - her mother will not be in this scene. Her father is struggling to comprehend Gregor's metamorphosis but is more concerned about how the family will survive monetarily whilst Grete quietly mourns her brother's transformation. My intention was to capture the boorishness of Gregor's father which we see later on in the story when he flings an apple at Gregor, fatally wounding him. Gregor's father is a somewhat defeated man due to the failure of his business and so, whilst his son works at a demoralising place with an unsatisfactory job, he lounges about. This may be due to his ill health but after Gregor's transformation he does manage to regain his confidence and desire to work. This is partly represented by his "smart blue uniform with gold buttons" replacing his old overcoat. Indeed the gold buttons could be seen as a sign of his replenished sense of pride. Grete has a good relationship with her brother and cared for him deeply, as seen early on in the text. ...read more.


His eyes were red but before he could say a word Grete said, quite calmly: "Mother is in bed, I ought to be bringing her some medicine." Grete walked to her drawer and extracted from it the medicine that she kept for her mother. Making her way to the door, her father stopped her. "That can wait," replied her father. "I fear there are more pressing issues at hand." Taking in what her father had just said, Grete silently proceeded to open her wardrobe and retrieved the fragile case in which was her violin. "Must you bring that out?" her father asked. She sat on her bed and opened the case to reveal the violin, which was free of the hardships experienced by its case. Grete took the violin out of the case and plucked the strings, making sure that they were note perfect. However, her distraction proved temporary as her father took the violin out of her hand and placed it firmly in its case. Snatching his daughter's hand he stared at her with puffy eyes and hissed: "Your brother is sick, in case you didn't notice, music at this time is somewhat inappropriate." ...read more.


Grete eyed her father and said, "Father, as repulsive as that thing may be, it is my brother. Please do not strike it again." At this her father scoffed and stared in Grete's direction, hands clasped together. "That creature you speak of so lovingly is no more your brother than I," he retorted bluntly. Mr Samsa stood up and made for the door. Turning around, he addressed Grete saying: "As I said before, I suggest you look for work, we are going to need to support ourselves." At that he left, closing the door behind him. Grete fell onto her bed but she did not weep. Contemplating what had become of her family over the years, she sat down. Her mother seemed to be getting weaker and weaker and her brother was a cockroach. As for her father, well it seemed that this would inevitably push him into a further decline. Grete turned her head and saw her violin case, slightly ajar. She went over to it and corrected the violin's position, closed the case and put it back in her wardrobe. She sighed and thought about something Gregor had said. Smiling she said to herself: "He is right; perhaps it is time I got married." She then made her way to the kitchen, to get some milk for Gregor. ...read more.

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