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An Analysis of Mga Santong Tao and Ang Sistema ni Propesor Tuko

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An Analysis of Mga Santong Tao and Ang Sistema ni Propesor Tuko Entablado?s dual play of Mga Santong Tao and Ang Sistema ni Propesor Tuko displays a wonderful play of humor that serves as a commentary to two of the social issues that are deemed controversial not only during the course of history but also in the contemporary age. Mga Santong Tao takes the form of a historical ?trickster tale?. Trickster tales such as Pilandok of the Maranaos and Si Juan ay Nagtitinda ng Lorong Nagsasalita mirrors the desire of the lower class to outwit the higher class by making them subjects of ridicule. Since people of the lower class, in reality, cannot outwit people of high social class, they use trickster tales to reinforce their self-worth. ...read more.


The cure, the sacristan minister and the fiscal officer are some of the most respected people of the Spanish colonization. It is a norm that these people should display proper conduct because they, as members of the religious and political institutions, are bound by certain unwritten laws of conduct. Being sexually explicit, therefore, especially in the case of the cure and the sacristan minister, could be considered a more. This system of putting order into a society through the control of peoples? actions says a lot about how the society works. For example, people of high stature seem to be bound by more sophisticated norms as compared to people of low classes (high culture) as what was said beforehand. Also, there are certain cultural patterns that we could only find in certain groups of people (subculture) ...read more.


Furthermore, the power of language heightened the dynamics between the characters. It would be nice to note how the characters used deep Filipino language in their conversations while stressing the use of Spanish in their cursing. This seemed to function as a method in distinguishing groups of people thus exemplifying the idea that Filipinos are noble while Spaniards are vulgar and unrefined. Again, this underscores the irony in the story because Filipinos under the Spanish colonization must see the opposite. Otherwise, it would slam the authority of the Spanish and would thus destroy the order that they established. The capacity of Titay and Ambrosio in making those people of high social class a subject of ridicule is a manifestation of how the social conflict theory in sociology could work as a social commentary that may bring change to the society. ...read more.

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