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An evening in Guanima is a treasury of folktales from the Bahamas that was written by Patricia Glinton-Meicholas

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Lateisha Pratt LI42 Friday 25th May, 2012 Literature An evening in Guanima is a treasury of folktales from the Bahamas that was written by Patricia Glinton-Meicholas, a fellow Bahamian from Cat Island, Bahamas. This book consists of many short stories that contain Bahamian customs. Some Bahamian customs originate from our African ancestors and are still used today. Two stories that widely show an abundance of Bahamian customs are ?Miss Annie? and ?The Gaulin Wife?. In these two stories there are things such as lifestyle, foods, dialect, places, songs, proverbs, obeah, transportation, celebrations and plants that can be seen as Bahamian customs. The short story ?Miss Annie? was taken place in Cat Island. I can tell because the author identifies the setting as ?Port Howe? which is in Cat Island. There are places such as Society Hall, St.Peter?s Church and Zion Baptist that can also be traced back to the Bahamian island known as Cat Island. There is also mention of the blue holes which are found in Andros. There are also some plants mentioned in this story that are found in The Bahamas, such as, croton, bougainvillaea and allamanda. The allamanda and bougainvillea plants can be found almost anywhere on the islands because they are the most common of three listed. ...read more.


The traditional plaiting of the maypole was carried out on Empire Day. Maypole plaiting is still continued in the Bahamas. It is mostly seen happening on Fox Hill Day. The main form of transportation used in ?Miss Annie? is the use of horses and carriages which is still widely used in The Bahamas. They are used to carry around tourists and fellow Bahamians. In ?The Gaulin Wife? the transport stated there was the use of the mail boat which is still seen today but it carries mostly mail to the family islands nowadays. There are some marine and land creatures that are found in The Bahamas that are also mentioned in both stories such as the conch, crawfish, flamingos, fish such as snapper, and crabs. The flamingo is the national bird of The Bahamas. Also, there are the use songs in the book that can be identified as Bahamian. There is one used in ?The Gaulin Wife? and it says: ?When de pond, plonga, plonga. Meetee B?er Sea Crab, plonga, plonga, Meetee B?er Gaulin, plonga, plonga? There is also a Bahamian song by D Mac based on this short story. The name of the song is called ?I Nearly Married the Gaulin?. ...read more.


There were also some found in ?The Gaulin Wife? such as, ?Her hair too picky. She musse bu?n it out with too much lard an? hot comb?, ?What I wan? wit? dis big, hard foot gal. You could see she ain? use to nuttin but runnin? over sea rock an? workin? fiel?.? and ?Wit? dem pop eye she gat, her ma musse pity frog or google-eye fish.? There are all examples of Bahamian dialect used in the stories. Bahamian dialect is still used extensively today. After reading both books, I came to like ?The Gaulin Wife? better because of all the hidden lessons and messages behind it. From this story, I learned to never rush into a marriage and judge a book by its cover. I also learned that I should listen to my elders because they speak truth and wisdom. The Golden rule can also be identified in this story as well. The young man was very arrogant and cocky and was uncaring to other people?s feelings. He was very mean to the girls and at the end, the young man ended up getting what he deserved. ?Do unto others as you would have them do unto you? can be a lesson learnt from the story. This is why I preferred this particular story over the other. ...read more.

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