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Analysis of a phrase in Cry, the beloved Country, kindness and love can pay for pain and suffering.

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Cry, The Beloved Country By Alan Paton Pg. 261 - line 4 June 12, 2009 ENG1DW Mrs. Crockett "...kindness and love can pay for pain and suffering." Stephen Kumalo mentions the words "pain and suffering", which develop his character. Earlier in the novel, Kumalo suffers the pain of his sister's condition in which she is a prostitute and an alcohol maker. Although experiencing this grief was not easy for Kumalo, he learned to stay calm and handle the situation as serenely as possible. After experiencing an emotional attack, Kumalo finds out his son commits a murder while stealing some money and therefore he is sentenced to death. ...read more.


As Kumalo enters Johannesburg, Msimangu benignly guides him throughout the novel in search of his sister and his son. Msimangu's kindness helps progress the plot because if it were not for him, Kumalo might have never found his sister and his son. As the plot progresses, Lithebe's kindness for Kumalo and his family is incredible as she gives them a place to live. Lithebe loves Kumalo's ambitions and therefore helps him. Because of this, search of Gertrude begins and the plot advances. Then, we see Harrison's brotherly love towards Jarvis as he welcomes and shows him his son's last pieces of work. ...read more.


Kumalo becomes pretty depressed after knowing his sister, but Msimangu's kindness helps Kumalo become enliven. Another example would be when Jarvis goes through the pain of his son's death, which he will never forget, but kindness from Harrison's family helps him think about something other than his son's death. Love from Harrison's family makes Jarvis look at other things instead of being in grief; it helps him think of Ndotsheni, for he helps the town a lot. Similar to Jarvis, Kumalo's son dies as well and therefore Kumalo suffers the pain, but various acts of kindness from Jarvis, love of Ndotsheni's people and Jarvis's nephew helps Kumalo brighten up. In conclusion, the theme "kindness and love can pay for pain and suffering" appears many times in the novel, 'Cry, the beloved Country'. ...read more.

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