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Analysis of Alison Espach's The Adults.

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Ford Natalie Ford Mrs. Szatzschneider English 101 November 6, 2012 A Teenage Girl in a Male Driven World Emily is a 15 year old freshmen whose life is about to become very complicated. In a very short period of time her dad cheats on her mom with her neighbor (Mrs. Resnick). Mrs. Resnick is found to be pregnant and Emily witnesses Mr.Resnick commit suicide. Emily?s parents get a divorce and her dad leaves the country for a new job. Meanwhile, Emily becomes very close with one of her male teachers and begins sleeping with him because unlike her father he is an older male figure that makes her feel secure about herself. As a result, Emily not only struggles with trying to find her place in the male driven society, but also with getting through the series of unfortunate events that keep her from being an average teenage girl. It is at Emily?s fathers? 50th birthday party that Emily discovers that her father is cheating on her mother. ...read more.


As a result of marks mom?s pregnancy with Emily?s dad?s baby and his father committing suicide marks life completely changes. He starts skipping school, doing drugs, drinking all the time, and smoking heavily every day. For some unknown reason he takes his anger for Emily?s father out on Emily. They quit talking for the most party and only speak at school when they have to. In school Emily becomes friends with a group of girls she refers to as ?the other girls.? They all have an obsession with this teacher they have named Mr. Basketball. They all fantasize about him; especially Janice (her best friend). Mr. Basketball lives down the street from Emily. She becomes very close with him and he volunteers to start giving her rides to school. Emily becomes even closer to him as the school year goes on. One night at the Halloween dance everyone had been drinking and Emily and Mr. Basketball went into a room to talk. ...read more.


Emily is with him this whole time and no one knows about it. Not her mom, or the other teachers, or other students; just her and Mr. Basketball. Women in our culture are view as sexual figures. They are viewed by most men as just a piece of meat. They are expected to look pretty, and give men whatever they desire because they are the ?Dominant sex.? Why should women have to do what men want? Women can be just as powerful as men. Emily shouldn?t have to feel like she has to keep sleeping with her teacher to keep calling him her own. In the end, Emily?s relationship with Mr. Basketball ends and she goes away to college. She moves to Prague with her father and studies for a degree in interior design. Emily experienced a lot of things the average teenage girl wouldn?t experience over the nine year period written about in the book. But, even through all the complicated things that happened in her life while she was in high school (causes by men), she managed to find who she really wanted to be and got her life back to normal in time to graduate college. ...read more.

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