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Analysis of "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" using a Freudian Perspective

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Ku IBSL ENG September 17, 2010 Nurse, McMurphy, and Chief Bromden In the Cuckoo?s Nest, there are three main characters which symbolize the three aspects of a Freudian perspective: the super ego, the ego, and the id. The Super Ego is represented by the big Nurse Ratched; the one who sets the social morals for the mental patients and decides between right and wrong. As she imposes the ward rules/ policies among her patients, Nurse Ratched is portrayed as the model (Ego Ideal), and the golden rule that everyone has to obey. ...read more.


The Ego corresponds to the role of Chief Bromden in the story because of his ?act? in being deaf. By pretending he is deaf and dumb, he puts himself in the position of the middle man; the ?Mediator? between the ward employees and the patients (because he withholds secrets from both sides). ? Against the wall of the tub room I get a feeling like a spy; the mop handle in my hands is made of metal instead of wood.. (106) He is also the tie breaker: ?Twenty-one! The Chief?s vote makes it twenty-one!? Being the ?deaf? mediator, he is very careful in his actions to not blow this cover away, ...read more.


And last but not least, McMurphy symbolizes the ?id?. He lives for the Pleasure Principle, and tries to enjoy everything as much as possible. On his second day at the ward after breakfast, while they were all waiting to be released from the cafeteria, he decided to have some fun and started shooting pieces of butter on the clock. He is optimistic, and wants to change things in the ward to make it more entertaining and relaxing to suit him-self. ?Can?t you even ease down the volume? for fly buttons? just turn the damn thing down!? He always focuses on his own wants or needs first, and tries his best to get them (food, cigarettes, TV time, toothpaste, softer music, clothing? etc.) ...read more.

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