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Analysis of "The Legend" by Garrett Hongo

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Analysis of The Legend by Garrett Hongo This poem is clearly an elegy. Paraphrase It starts by setting the scene in Chicago with show falling and a man stepping out onto the street after doing his laundry. It says he looks Asian, skinny and poor. As he is getting into his car, there are cries from pedestrians and a boy comes out of a corner store and shoots him. The boy gets away and the man falls forward and dies slowely. The author then contemplates what this death has to do with him. Speaker The speaker is someone observing the shooting. ...read more.


He shows that even though it is tough outdoors, based on the snow, there are some nice things happening and it sets the foundation of a good and deserving life for the man introduced in the second stanza. The Second stanza stresses how ordinary the man and his day have been. And then suddenly interrupts it with the ?flurry of footsteps?, ?cries of pedestrians?, and a boy backing away from a store shooting a pistol and hitting the man. This leads to the last stanzas which utilize imagery to slow down the thoughts and reflect on the unjust event that happened. ...read more.


He shows the Asian man alone, without friends beside him as he dies to support him. The man is juxtaposed with a massive city, Chicago, which is described as cold and harsh but also peaceful in the late evening. He also mentions a crowd of people that surround the dying man, while not specifically describing any of them. This leaves him alone in the careless world. Central Assertion I used my theme to help write a central assertion. The author uses vivid imagery and details to create strong emotional connections for the reader to the topic of alienation and develop feelings of devastation and anger. This statement says that imagery is a very important part that shaped the tone of this poem and in an attempt to force readers to reflect on the values of American society. ...read more.

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