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Analysis of two Australian poems- Australia by Alec Derwent Hope and Enter without So Much as Knocking by Bruce Dawe

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Australia by Alec Derwent Hope and Enter without So Much as Knocking poem by Bruce Dawe the subject matter of this poem are very similar. They both narrate the people, spiritual, emptiness, nature and privation of real values in the new world of protection. The first poem is refers to the whole population, criticizes the attitudes, ethics and lifestyle of an ordinary person whereas this poem of Alec Derwent Hope is description of the empty land which lacks of cultural identity, refer mostly about Australia. Both poems concentrate on the issue of culture, decay of morality, uniqueness and identity. In this poem entitled Australia is being considered as one of the greatest work by one of the most famous Australian poets Alec Derwent Hope. Understanding that he is an Australian poet one should understand the inherent fundamental bias that run through his poems. This poem conveys with a sort of patriotic message even if he understands the flaw that Australia carries, he still feels that there are many ?like him who turn gladly home?. To understand the poet background let us look at main subject of the poem Australia. ...read more.


It also portrayed as the country that is nothing at all where there are ?monotonous tribes from Cairn to Perth; and the main cities comparison to ?five teeming sores? that means the people who come to live in Australia pride not of living but preferably pride of merely to survive. His frankness patriotism comes in the last two stanza?s where he felt that there are ?some like him turn gladly home? to recall from the ?lush jungle of modern thought? to demand the ?Arabian desert of the human mind? obviously seen that the author delights in retreating from broad world and should rather remain in a somewhat desert. All above detractions that cite are seen as attach benefits of being an Australian. The poet gives us nationalistic views, of he stands on the side of Australian and merely considers detractors to be very ?cultured apes." The poem Enter without so much knocking by Bruce Dawe is one of his finest works that greatly satirical of consumerism and Australian consumerist society that Dawe outstanding as he succeeds in manipulating poetic techniques to make his work interesting while delivering a very keen message to his reader. ...read more.


The morality of modern population is overwhelming. He notified the typical hierarchy of values and his innocence is lost. Through this irony Dawe expresses the people false conviction that being a materialistic, numb, and unconscionable person is being real and mature human. The materialistic world is harsh there is no mercy for weak people. All means available to reach the top. Lastly the dialogs end immediately because the man dies but his death is not a tragic as it should be. Even life is not a value anymore. People accumulate on his funeral pay attention only for his physical appearance, considering the things materialistically without emotions. His life ends and there is nothing again with the underground metropolis is empty. Through this imagery Dawe wanted to highlight the triviality and insignificance of human life. By going through their lives unseen, they are just a part of a system. Everyone begins and ends in the same place. People pass and have no impact on the reality. They lost their individuality and uniqueness; they lose everything what is typically human and make us special in the universe. In this world of materialistic values people become vain and numb. Dawe and Hope attached the very serious problem which concerns not only here in Australia but the whole modern world. ...read more.

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