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Antigone prologue script - my version.

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Prologue: (Enter Antigone) Lakishmi: Good morning Sakeena Sakeena: Good morning sister Lakishmi: I dreamt last night of my brother Retik. I cannot stand that cruel decision of Khan, I have suffered a lot. I miss you my brother. (Lakishmi snobs/cries) Sakeena: I miss him too, we all do Lakishmi: Doesn't he have a heart. How did he leave him unburied in the desert? (Rises) Acha, I have made my decision. I will go burry him. My brother is not food for the vultures. Sakeena: Are you mad? You crazy fool! Khan will kill you. Lakishmi: I'd do anything for Retik my brother, who would've done the same thing for me and you. Sakeena: You are not strong enough sister; you'd be killed if you get caught. You know it's forbidden, it's against Khan's law. Lakishmi: So, you will not join me in my mission? Sakeena: It's too dangerous. We would die, so why go kill our self. ...read more.


Rahul: God of many names Chorus: A storm seems to be coming, please save us from all the misery that will be raining on us. Rahul: God of many names! Chorus: Open the skies of heaven and listen to our prayers. Don't ignore us Gods; we need you to accept all our prayers. Exodos Dave: No man can foretell his fate. Creon was the most victorious in all battles, and now fate has changed this. Everything is gone and all his life's joy has failed. Rahul: What news have you got us Dave, speak. Dave: They are dead! Rahul: Dead, who is dead? Dave: Raj is dead. Rahul: Raj! Who killed him? Dave: His own hands did. He killed himself. Rahul: Did Maduri hear about this? Where we too loud? (Enter Maduri) Maduri: I have fainted in the morning after hearing bad news, but speak again tell me what happened. Dave: Lady Maduri, I will tell you everything I have seen, but you may not like it. ...read more.


Rahul: you finally figured out you were wrong, now you get it? Khan: The truth is hard to bear. The God's have punished me now and took away my son. (Enter Dave from palace) Dave: I have more mad news. Khan: What could be worse than my son's death? Dave: Your wife, Lady Maduri is dead. Khan: Oooh, my lovely wife. Why have you taken her away God's? Dave: Maduri killed her self and her last words were for you Khan. She cursed you for being evil. Khan: I'm surrounded by sorrows. Why is the world so harsh? Is there no pity for me? My wife and son are both dead. They were both angry from me. I caved Raj's fianc� so he killed him self, and Maduri killed her self for the death of her son. Ooh cruel world, take me away. I want to die, someone kill me. (Weeps) I know that I am guilty. I am cursed. Let death come in. I want to die. I was so foolish. Rahul: (To audience) Happiness can never exist without wisdom. Proud men should learn to be wise. ...read more.

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