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Arcadia, Tom Stoppard: analysis of Hannahs diatribe on moving from thought to feeling (p.39)

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Analysis of Hannah?s diatribe on moving from thought to feeling (p.39) In this speech and shortly after, Hannah establishes herself as the intellectual and emotional center of Arcadia?s modern story. Talking to Bernard, who doesn?t listen to her, she warns him about reaching conclusions as the ones he made about her book in a review. But he won?t hear that either. Here, Hannah talks about ?the whole Romantic sham?. Romanticism is the result of Classicism which has been mutated into the Enlightenment. The classical order believed the world was ordered and was governed by rules that could be slowly uncovered. ...read more.


This shows the striking difference between the tidiness and the order of the Classic style, and the strong and gothic appearance of the Romantic style. We meet this theme in Hannah?s search for poetic meanings behind the hermit of Sidley Park, what she actually exclaims with passion to Bernard in this speech. In fact, the reason why Hannah decides to write about the hermit of Sidley Park is to study more thoroughly Romanticism. Because it is logical and concrete, Hannah prefers the Enlightenment to Romanticism, just as Lady Croom. ...read more.


And then Richard Noakes came in to bring God up to date?, Hannah seems to suggest through her history of gardening that the definition of ?natural? is a matter of fashion. So we can think that if two time periods have different ideas about what nature might be, it could mean that their science will as well be studied in different ways. So while Hannah?s speech makes us clearly understand that she would at any time chose to think if she had to choose between thinking or feeling, Bernard on his side, more suspicious of her purposes, replies that she seems ?quite sentimental over geometry? (p.40). ...read more.

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