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'Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother' book review

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Tiger Mother-final lesson den 30 november 2011 Battle hymn of the tiger mother is a decent book that I enjoyed reading but I would not read it again because nothing special happens in it, the whole story is about how Amy raised her two daughters and her battle with them, but still, it is really important to know about other cultures and their way of raising children, so what I think is that the book is more about debating and hearing different points of views. For example many western parents are against Amy`s way of raising her children and they hate how she underestimates western parents ` efforts to raise their children. Through the whole story, we find how Amy thinks that the western way of raising children is wrong and how they spoil their children and all that is going to negatively affect the western society. ...read more.


I liked how Amy starts her book with the list of the not allowed ?stuff? that her daughters to do. It attracts the readers and makes them curious about the rest of the story. The first impression the I got when I read the list was that how strict Amy is, but when I continued reading, I found that she was not really so strict, I mean come on, sleepover? Is that really important? I found it useless and it is better to spend time learning how to play violin or piano. Amy was doing the best to make her daughter the best in everything, when it comes to studying, talking to people, playing instruments. I really wish that my parents pushed me to play an instrument when I was young, things would have been much better. ...read more.


I think Amys way of parenting was good and all she wanted was the best for her daughters and she wanted them to be successful women in the American society. She was a bit harsh sometimes but she was just trying to make everything easer for her daughters in the future, and I think they will be thankful for what their mother did for them. If I was to write a written assignment about this book, my text type will be a letter asking Amy how she managed to raise her children in such a way especially when she lives in a foreign country. Her children could have been called the police for child abuse. I know that Amy did not use violence with her daughters but we do not really know the truth, because she did not mention it in her book. ...read more.

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