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Broken April Analysis

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Ma Broken April Reflection 1. The Code in Albania pushes the balance between men and women. In one of the more depressing traditions, the husband is not allowed to wait on the wedding. If by some chance there is a murder, then according to tradition ?the bride enters on one side, the dead man leaves on the other? (75). This oxymoronic happy/sad relationship with a dual wedding/funeral shows the extent to which the bessa can disrupt the balance between the living and the dead. A living, happy woman is held with equal regard as a very, very dead man. These extremities in the relationship between the man and the woman in the Code are further highlighted with the ?tradition? with the bride?s family. ...read more.


Thus, the Kanun values men over women. 2. Kanun culture clashes with modern society when Diana and Bessian visit the Prince of Orosh. When Mark Ukacierra meets Diana and Bessian he feels dislike ?as soon as he had laid eyes on them? (133). To him, Diana and Bessian epitomize the progressiveness and modernization that even the Prince is beginning to embrace. Ukacieera, however, remains in the trapped blood-feud mentality and is unable to accept changes to his mindset. He was ashamed to admit that he ?had felt fear in the presence of a woman? and that arguments about the Kanun ?quietly fell apart? when they reached Diana?s eyes. Because Ukacierra has been engrained with the Kanun tradition for so long, his mindset perceives the Kanun as being correct and prevents any change. ...read more.


Thus when Bessian gently nuzzles her, ?she did not move, she came no closer nor did she draw away? (169). Here Bessian realizes that something has ?broken? in Diana. He hopes that ?something might be saved? and goes on to ask himself ?what is happening to me??, not what is happening to Diana. The cause of Diana?s silence and indifference, ironically enough, comes from the experiences she has witnessed because of the oppressiveness of the Kanun (which Bessian so admires). This ultimately ?oppresses? Diana to the point in which the Kanun becomes her only reality and she becomes utterly obsessed with Gjorg. Since the Kanun drags families in a reality that has no end, the Kanun also drags both Diana and Diana?s marriage into this reality. ...read more.

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