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"Candide" - Political, Social, and Economic Analysis

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Candide Essay The first interaction of Candide, Cunegund, and Don Fernando d?Ibaraa y Figueora y Mascarenes y Lampourdos y Souza, is a prime example of Voltaire?s satirical social view of the nobility. Don Fernando is the governor of Buenos Ayres and is described as having ?a haughtiness suitable to a person who bore so many names.? Voltaire sarcastically remarks on how the amount of names that Don Fernando holds allows him a just cause as to why he may go around with a pompous demeanor that shows that he is held above everyone else. This is also a silent reference to how the nobility of that time seemed to conduct themselves around the bourgeoisie or peasant class. They carried themselves as though they were above everyone else of a lower class and if all that was done in the lesser classes were the acts of heathens. He also satirically comments on how his conceded and self-righteous attitude caused ?everyone who had the honor of conversing with him was violently ...read more.


He believes that this is ?best of all possible worlds? and that everything bad is done to set off a greater purpose. Pangloss?s views are so clearly mocked first, when he hobbled into the town - where Candide was staying - riddled with syphilis, and later, when he attempted to use some sort twisted logic to defend his thoughts on the original sin. In the former, Pangloss is seen practically limping down the road and described as ?covered with scabs, his eyes sunk in his head, the end of his nose eaten off, his mouth drawn on one side, his teeth as black as a cloak, snuffling and coughing most violently, and every time he attempted to spit out dropped a tooth.? He tries to defend his new, hideous appearance and his contraction of syphilis as being justified by something as ridiculous as Columbus having to have brought it to Europe because without it Europe would have no chocolate. ...read more.


Voltaire goes even further in his mocking of the Inquisition by stating that because two men did not eat their bacon they were instantly considered Jews ? though it turned out they were, in fact, Jewish ? and were to be burned. Voltaire also shows that during the Inquisition people that were not Jewish, but perceived to agree with heretic views, were also to be punished, even if to a lesser degree. This is shown when Candide was flogged simply because he showed his approval of the theories and notions that Pangloss spoke of. Voltaire uses this to demonstrate the severe and unfair manner in which the Inquisition was executed. In conclusion, Voltaire utilizes social, intellectual, and political satire in his portrayal of Don Fernando d?Ibaraa y Figueora y Mascarenes y Lampourdos y Souza, Miss Cunegund?s brother, Pangloss, and the Grand Inquisitor as the ridiculous and exaggerated stereotypes of the type of characters that were commonly found in actual everyday life during Voltaire?s lifetime. MLA Citation: Voltaire. Candide. New York: Modern Library., n.d. Print. ...read more.

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