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Character Analysis of Leah Price (Poisonwood Bible) with a brief outline

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Sid Rai English 11 Haske Character analysis in 'The Poisonwood Bible' Character: - Leah History: - One of two twins o Leah's twin sister, Adah, is handicapped from birth Analysis: - Feels guilty that she was born in a better state than her sister (almost like survivors guilt) Page 241 example. - Somewhat jealous of her twin as her twin, despite being physically handicapped from birth, is supposedly smarter than her. - Tries to be on her fathers 'good side' o 'For the first time in my life I doubted his judgement' (223) o She adapts well to her environment (Congo), compared to Rachel for example. * Believes that her father is right about the unsaved souls o Narrow minded - Well attached with Nelson - Later on follows her mothers example of disregarding her fathers authority ...read more.


. Leah also seems somewhat jealous of the fact that Adah, despite being physically challenged, she seems to be smarter than Leah, a quicker learner, one might say. An example is of the languages. Adah picked up on French and also on the dialect of Kilanga faster than Leah did, and because of this, takes it somewhat offensively. Leah is quite idealistic and passionate towards her family, especially her father. She always tries to be on his 'good side' by helping him in the garden and with other such errands. Leah tries to follow in her father's footsteps as much as possible, and this can be seen on page 244 when she says ... which implies that she always trusted his decision . ...read more.


The rules don't apply to us, nor protect us either...There's a great holy war going on in my father's mind...'. She realizes that there is a world of insecurity out there in the world. This whole transformation Leah goes through makes her realize that her mother was right to 'flout her fathers authority'. Leah is a quick learner in general and is also quite idealistic as she follows all her fathers sayings upto that particular point. She realizes that she is confronted with injustice of being a woman, racism because she is white and an African culture she admires instead of hates, despite her fathers practice. Leah is compassionate and has a sort of survivors guilt towards Adah for her physical handicap. She has lost basically all faith in her father due to the new ideas of her mother. She realizes that she has finally been set free by that revelation. ...read more.

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