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Choose three of the Seven Commandments. Examine the way they change during the course of the story and the effects the changes have on Animal Farm.

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Animal Farm Explanation Essay Choose three of the Seven Commandments. Examine the way they change during the course of the story and the effects the changes have on Animal Farm. (Explain) George Orwell begins Animal Farm with an insight into a world which was envisaged by the animals on Manor Farm. The animals achieve their dream as they overthrow their human owner Mr Jones and take control of the farm. They develop Animalism, which is based on communism, and develop the seven commandments which all animals are to obey. The commandments are said to be unalterable laws, even so all of these laws are altered or broken, right up till the end where Napoleon removed all the laws to make room for one statement. All of the alterations have some effect on the running of Animal Farm but three of them stand out. These are ?No Animal shall kill any other animal; Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy; All Animals are equal? (p. ...read more.


As a result, fear is created and no animal dares to argue against Napoleon, who is always surrounded by guard dogs. In this way, Napoleon is able to alter the unalterable laws. Overall, the manipulation and killing of the animals can correspond to human behaviour; humans who stand on two legs and whom the animals detested. The first commandment reads ?Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy?. This commandment is flouted shortly after Napoleon rises to power. Knowing ?[a]ll men are enemies [and all] animals are comrades" (p. 9), Napoleon has dealings with Mr Whymper. Yet again, Squealer takes care of the protesting animals and Mr Whymper is treated like a friend. The animals are forced to believe that ?four legs [are] good, two [legged are] better? (p. 97). The rebellion is initiated for the animals to be unrestricted by human power but the cleverer animals eventually come to appreciate them. The effects of this alteration are significant as Animal Farm returns to its original name Manor Farm. ...read more.


41). At the end of the book, all the commandments are removed to make room for one slogan: ?All Animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others? (p. 97). The effects of this alteration are significant. Animal Farm is renamed back to Manor Farm. The animals are whipped and given little food whilst doing labour to keep the farm running proving ?? [m]an is [not] the only creature that consumes without producing?" (p 4). The seven commandments act as documented evidence of betrayal. The original laws want a better world and hopes for a new life away from slavery of mankind. The alterations caused fear amongst the animals. All of the alteration came as a result of corruption which some of the animals do not recognise because of propaganda. It is ironic that in the end, all the animals are either dead or worse off than during the time of Mr Jones? rule except the pigs, who now appreciate humans. Jineel Raythatha Word Count: 798 Words 810 Words ...read more.

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