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Commentary on Brothers Karamazov

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Alexandra Piedrahita IB English I April 15th 2009 Brothers Karamazov Quote Commentary p. 189 "In these affairs, Alexei Fyodorovich, in these affairs the main thing now is honor and duty, and something else, I don't know what, but something higher, even perhaps higher than duty itself. ... But it can all be said in 2 words. I've already made up my mind: even if he marries that ... creature," she began solemnly, "whom I can never, never forgive, I still will not leave him! From now on I will never, never leave him!" she spoke with a sort of strain, in a sort of pale forced ecstasy. "I do not mean that I shall drag myself after him, trying to throw myself in front of his eyes every minute, tormenting him - oh, no, I shall go to another town, anywhere you like, but I will watch him all my life, all my life untiringly. ...read more.


the instrument, the mechanism of his happiness, and that for my whole life, my whole life, so that he may see it from now on, all his life! That is the whole of my decision, Ivan Fyodorovich approves of me in the highest degree." This is a piece of dialogue said by Katerina Ivanova in the chapter "Strain in the Drawing Room". I think this was an interesting quote because it marked a turning point in the novel. Up until this point I was hoping, and was almost sure, that Katerina would love Ivan back and they would be together, but here, suddenly, there is a major shift. This speech came quite unexpectedly and out of the blue, and my opinion on it is that Katerina is trying to prove herself. Katerina had been embarrassed the day before in front of Gruschenka and had ended up completely distraught and terribly insulted by Gruschenka. ...read more.


Here she is hoping that the tables will turn in the relationship, that he will become the needier one, and she will be able to be the more independent one. She also shows this by saying that "I shall become the means of his happiness (or how should I say it?) the instrument, the mechanism of his happiness". We get the impression that Katerina is unsure of what she is saying, but clearly wants to prove her pride, and in order to do this she uses forceful language. This is not Katerina however, she is reacting to the way she was embarrassed and insulted the day before. The last sentence of the extract once again proves that she is unsure of what she is saying by adding that Ivan approves of this "to the highest degree", as if trying yet again to prove it to people, and herself. ...read more.

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