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Commentary on (love song, with two goldfish)".

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The poem, ?(love song, with two goldfish) illustrates the relationship between two goldfish. The fable begins with the male conveying his fondness and longing for the female, which is eventually returned by her, then followed by the male?s hopes and dreams for his partner and relationship and ends with his unrequited love. Lastly, the final stanza is dedicated to explaining why the female goldfish ended their liaison. Though the poem explores the love between fish, it can be compared to unrequited love between a man and a woman. Furthermore, Chua uses puns to keep the tone of the poem humorous and lighthearted despite its underlying messages of one-sided love and that of being entrapped. The first stanza commences with the portrayal of the male?s longing for the female. He displays his desire for her by ?always floating around? which shows that he wants to capture her attention. This phrase, in collaboration with ?nowhere else to go? suggests that he was not only attached to her but belonged with her. ...read more.


In his description he is ?bowled over?, overwhelmed by the emotions he feels for her and lives an illusion where they would ?count the waves? and ?dive for pearls like stars?. These phrases are extremely striking and remind the reader of romantic activities that they would share with their loved ones, emphasizing the male?s desire for an emotional connection with her to share ?their deepest secrets? in the ?submarine silence?. The simile, ?pearls like stars? remind the reader of expensive jewels, particularly a wedding ring which signifies that the male is looking forward to a commitment of spending his life with the female. In this stanza the male fish is blinded with love and he romanticizes their relationship. However, the male fish is devastated when he fathoms that she does not love him and that her love has ?gone belly-up?, floating like a dead fish. The allusion to death may also illustrate that the male fish feels that his heart is dying like her love for him did which leaves him crestfallen giving the stanza a dejected tone. ...read more.


Interestingly, the structure of the last stanza differs from the rest of the poem as it has three parentheses as opposed to one, with a line outside them. ?A life beyond? is not encompassed in parentheses which symbolizes that the female fish too aspires a life outside the ?(bowl)?. The use of parentheses in this poem could be a literary depiction of a fish bowl that confines the two fish. The difference in the structure of the final stanza could suggest that the two fish were separated due to their confinement in this enclosed area and that it acted like a wall between them. It could imply that when one does not give space to their partner it might result in fights or tension. Furthermore, the size of the last stanza in comparison to the others is much smaller, cramped and restricted which reflects the life of the fish in a bowl. In conclusion, (love song, with two goldfish) is a poem about unrequited love narrated with the help of goldfish which has been made humorous with the use of puns and fish imagery. Although the poem has serious underlying issues, it is very lighthearted and hence delightful to read. ...read more.

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