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Commentary on Setting in "The Great Gatsby" Chapter 2

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One of the settings in this passage is the ?valley of ashes? that lies around half way between West egg and New York. The description of the valley is of which everything is old and it also shows the ugliness of the valley. The valley is also known as the waste land, as the people just dump their waste there. It is built and formed up by ashes; ashes are usually used to show the remains of something once well. Thus I feel that the valley of ashes got its name because it is used to symbolize a much lower status of wealth as compared to the west egg or New York and that the people living there are the much poorer people. The valley of ashes is also a stop that people will definitely stop by as they are travelling from West egg to New York, it can be as short as one minute to as long as half an hour. ...read more.


J. Eckleburg to look after the people at the valley. I also feel that it also symbolizes nick the narrator eyes, as he is the one that has the overall picture of what is actually happening. While the other characters in the novel are either influenced by one another, or they have their own views and not being able to understand the whole situation in a fair way. Another way I see the eyes of Doctor T. J. Eckleburg is that it is like a sense of hope for the people staying at the valley. Like I have said, Doctor T. J. Eckleburg eyes can be perceives as god watching over them, ?blue and gigantic? here can be used to relate to the sky as the sky is blue in colour as well as in bondless. ?Yellow spectacles? the colour yellow here also can be used to relate it back to the sky, yellow can be like the sun the source of hope for the people. ...read more.


After tom replied coldly towards him, he quickly rebutted back to explain himself; this clearly shows that he fear of offending tom. He also gives me the impression that he is afraid of his wife and very obedient to her. His voice faded off halfway while he was talking, because he realizes that his wife was approaching them. Also with just one sentence from his wife, he quickly and immediately went to fulfill her orders of getting chairs for tom to sit on. Tom mistress seemed to be a controlling wife as she has the control over her husband, Wilson. Her entrance thru the garage gives her a very lady-like atmosphere around her, which not many ladies would still be able to do it. She also gives me the feeling that she does not give her husband respect, she just walked passed him as if he was a ghost and talked to him without even looking at him. Thus showing that she does not give her husband the respect he needed and just go towards tom and ?looking him flushed in the eyes?. ...read more.

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