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Compare The Old Man and The Sea and A Clean Well-lighted Place

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Compare ?The Old Man and The Sea? and ?A Clean Well-lighted Place? Since The Old Man and The Sea and ?A Clean Well-lighted Place? were written in different times, they have different themes. Although Although they have different themes, each story was lead by one old man and one young man, so they also have similarities in characters. Mainly, the old men, in two stories, are all presented as the people who against the tough things that they faced and tried to overcome difficulties. However, for two young men, they have right opposite characters each other. The boy in ?The Old Man and The Sea? believes in the old man (Santiago), but the young waiter in ?A Clean Well-lighted Place? maximizes the nothingness. ...read more.


Also, when the young waiter says that there are many bars except the café, the old waiter says it’s totally different with the bars. He wants to make the drunken old man to be comfortable, because he can understand what the old man feels. He hesitates when he closes the café because of thinking of other people who might need “the clean well-lighted” café. It shows that the old waiter is the character who wants to be out of the nothingness, and comes up with solution for it. Through the stories, the old men characters overcome the difficulties that they faced, and try hard to get over it. Even though the old men are similar to the role in the stories, the roles of the young men are totally different in these two stories. ...read more.


What?s the effect to express the thoughts of Hemingway by using the old men in the stories, and why he chose them? That?s for making the situation that overcomes adversity hardly more clearly, and using old men, it?s probably easier to be comprehensive or understood by the ordinary people. 764 words Because of this, someone says that Hemingway has stoicism, escapism, or symbolism, and also there are many comments such as ?he is good at describing tragic situation.? His works changed by the time. Hemingway, who used to write about the roots for nihilism which are non-valuable lives, objectless, and deaths in the Lost Generation, started to write about social, political, and economical problems after writing ?A Clean Well-lighted Place? (1933), so it is considered as a transitional work. For 1952, he got to his final reaching point ?stoicism? by writing ?The Old Man and The Sea?, and it brought the changes of thoughts. ...read more.

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