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Comparing two newspaper articles

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Comparing two newspapers with the same story Comparing two newspaper articles, one from a tabloid and one from a broadsheet will convey the different techniques that tabloids and broadsheets use to present stories. Media in general, aim to inform and interest the audience which consist of many different types. Diverse emotions and ideas are created by the media; foremost tabloids. Tabloids are papers like The Sun, The Mirror, The Daily Mail, The Express and The Star. In contrast to these are broadsheets like The Times, The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph. Broadsheets are often known as the quality press being more informing and formal in the manner they convey information and news stories. ...read more.


concerned about the racism as it uses emotive words that focuses with information relevant to the offence of many Asians in Britain. The second part of this article concludes from the title page and focuses in-depth of opinions and facts from the writers as well as the reaction from Mr. Cameron who was the first politician to comment on this case saying that Harry' s behaviour completely unacceptable and it is right that he has apologised. Mr. Cameron added: 'He needs to understand that this is not acceptable, especially in light of the office that he is going to hold in the Army and as a member of the Royal Family. ...read more.


The differences between the two newspaper is that firstly the tabloids (The Sun) although it does include some facts mainly has lots of gossips about what Harry did and why he did, as well as has short articles and lots of pictures and shorter pages then the broadsheet. Secondly the broadsheet is only interested in the facts and unlike the tabloids does not consist of many pictures or emotional language. The broadsheet has long and sometimes complex sentences therefore I would expect the main focus for broadsheet is to interest people who like facts and are interested in the truth rather than just a gossip. For the tabloids I would think that it is interested in pictures, short sentences and interesting stories this would suggest that tabloids would interest the younger adult population by using such methods as gossips and sex scandals. ...read more.

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