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Comparison Essay: Alice Oswald's Dart and Ted Hughes' Go Fishing

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Comparison Essay Dart and Go Fishing Alice Oswald's Dart and Ted Hughes' Go Fishing are two poems about nature and water, but about experience as well. Their relation is then based on these concepts which can both be seen as an endless source of life, of energy. But these poems do also mention roots and identity, time passing, discovery, evolution, learning, and so much more. Dart starts by giving an identity concept: a walker is physically and psychologically discovering himself. The expression ?moving alive? shows a detailed exploration of life; but does it show us the illogical logic of the poet -in this case unmoving but alive and moving but dead- ? I personally think the poet wrote this to emphasize the visual aspect of the man, what she sees when looking at him. In fact, the voice of the poem itself stands for identity: ?summoning itself by speaking?. ...read more.


For short, men disturb the peace of nature. So we have here two sets of voices: one poetic -where the man respects the nature-, and one pragmatic -where the man disturbs the nature. Through this whole first part of the poem, we notice shifts of voice and of point of view: it starts with the point of view of the poet who sees the old man and describes him and his acts (?He consults his map?), and then, at ?An old man?, it switches to the walker's point of view. The subject changes from ?he? to ?I? with which it seems easier to understand why this man here for is. But nevertheless we don't, because he actually doesn't: ?I don't know, all I know is walking?. We therefore share a feeling of ignorance and blindness while moving forward the path and the poem. Because of some changes, the poem seems sometimes disconcerting: we notice a lack of clear links between sections that are describing nature. ...read more.


And this gives more sense to the story, the experience, and helps believing in and interpreting it. By the way, the environment of stress and precipitation of the hospital and the urgencies links in a sense with the imperatives because it seems like there was not enough time to construct full and polite phrases. Although this doesn't mean the poet didn't want to be polite, but it simply shows the poet wished to keep this atmosphere of contrast between calm and stress -hence the opposition between going fishing and the hospital, the urgencies. And so, by the very end of the poem, the poet has taught us how to attempt this magical, this ritual transformation. To conclude, these two poems are both about nature, they both include contrasts. But Alice Oswald's Dart looks more at changes, complexity and different points of view, unlike Ted Hughes' Go Fishing which is more concentrated on imagination, interpretation and atmosphere. However, they both underline that nature is something we can control, but that cannot own us. Word count: ~1015 words ...read more.

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