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Conversation as a device used for charecter development as seen in the books Love in the Time of Cholera & the House of the Spirits

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Zohra Fathima World Literature Assignment How have the writers used conversation as a device to develop characters in the books, 'House of the Spirits' & 'Love in the Time of Cholera'? Conversation is an essential means of communication between people. It can be in the form of direct-talk or communing through other means such as letters and messages. It helps in establishing the rapport between various characters in their relationships. The books 'The House of the Spirits' & 'Love in the Time of Cholera' have many similarities in the way their writers have used to portray their characters. Both the books have a series of flash-backs and they do not follow the chronological order of events. In HOTS the style of narration is prominently distinguishing from that of LTC; it is a compilation of memoirs written in first-narrative from the view-points of different characters taking the reader through three generations of the Treuba-del Valle lineage. The characters pour out their hearts to the reader by means of direct-talk in an auto-biographical way and in this way the reader is exposed to the personalities of the various characters. ...read more.


His self-addressing style of narration helps him confess his point of views and his feelings regarding several issues. His political inclinations towards the socialists and his behavior which makes Clara abhor him are all explained from his point of view. In this way, the style used in HOTS is such there is direct conversation between the characters and themselves In LIC, the style of narration used by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is quite uncomplicated and from the author's point of view alone, there is no self-narrative from any of the characters. Instead Marquez has used several means to establish communication between characters in the form of dialogue or in other words, the regular speech used while conversing frequently. Several instances in the plot of the book, for example in a long-distance relationship, letters also play an important role in connecting different characters and maintaining their relationship towards each other. Letters are an apt substitute for direct-talk; they convey the spoken words with certainty and the form evidence of the vow or promise that they carry. ...read more.


His noble ideals regarding love form part of his eccentricity. He tells Fermina's father, Lorenzo Daza when his love for Fermina is questioned, "'there is no greater glory than to die for love.'" Despite his countless physical affairs with other women, at the end of his ninety years he still believes that he has remained faithful to Fermina and takes pleasure in his "unrequited love" for her. Years later, during old-age when both of them are reunited he tells her, "'I have remained a virgin for you.'" This is a very controversial statement and it strikes the reader that as the part in the book where the madness in Florentino is brought to full flower. In Love in the Time of Cholera, Transito Soto was a prostitute in Tres Marias. In return for a favor yielded by Esteban Treuba to set her up in the brothel business, years later she repays him back in faith by saving his grand-daughter Alba from the torture-camp during the revolution. Transito's words to Esteban, "'But we will see each other again, patron. Life is long and full of unexpected turns.'" prove true years later. This signifies the depth of her thoughts and wisedom. ...read more.

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