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Creative Response. Catcher in the Rye written task + Rationale

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I was sitting in the lobby and I got old Jane Gallagher back into my head. I felt like giving her a buzz, but I wasn't in the mood to talk to her mother again, as last time she had answered the phone. Still I couldn't get her out of my head, so I decided to call her anyway. It rang a couple of times and I was about to hang up when Jane answered. I recognize it was her immediately and I started remembering all about the summers in Maine and all. But I was still kind of nervous, I don't know really why, but still she made me kind of nervous. But nervous in a good way. Like that feeling you have when you are going down a roller coaster and you know something exciting is about to happen. 'Hello?,' she said. I love the way she asks a question when she says hello, it's kind of funny. But I mean, why does she really ask, of course there is someone on the other end. 'Jane is that you?' I know it was really a stupid question, but I just wanted to make sure. 'Holden!' she said exited, 'How are you doing? ...read more.


'Well, yeah I got the axe, but it wasn't really my fault. I mean what'd they expect when you have old Thurner in charge and all.' 'Oh, Holden, I can't believe it. I was hoping we could get together this summer, it's too bad. Well...I mean, do you think you would be able to go out?' 'No,' It kind of just pop out, 'well I need to go.' 'It was so good talking to you. We have to keep in touch so you can tell me where you are going next. We could even meet in spring break and all. Well, take care, and try to call again, bye.' 'Bye.' I wasn't really in the mood to say much more after that. I hate phony conversations, were you talk but don't really say anything. I couldn't believe Jane was like that, I thought I was talking to one of those old ladies who drink tea and put on to much make up. It was her fault I didn't tell her I was in New York, or that we could meet. I felt like if she'd call my mother or Pencey if I told her. I mean she hadn't even complained about Stradlater in their date. ...read more.


Still, we may not relay much on what Holden tells us, as there are several clues that tell us that he may be exaggerating, first being the fact that we are only able to hear his perspective of the events, and also that by the end of the book he seems to be in a mental hospital. The Jane presented to us is much younger and has been idolized. However this does not disprove the fact that Holden seems to have strong feelings towards her, we often find him with "old Jane Gallagher back into [his] head". Although, H. Caulfield seems to be interested with her in a romantic manner, many times we find that actually he cares for her more as a sister, and wants to protect her from "going out with Stradlater". This is why he hates him so much. He is in some way jealous, although he tries to deny it, but his jealousy is due to the fact that Jane has gone out with Stradlater in the first place, and does not actually complain about him during their conversation. At the end we find that he wishes that she would go out with Stradlater again, like punishing her for growing up. Showing again the way in which Holden is afraid of change and growing up. 35/45 (for 2 courseworks) IB level 6 ...read more.

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