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Creative Story using line from Neruda's poems

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Suyash Goenka English H L Write a creative essay using a line or lines from Pablo Neruda's poems. In the �?th century, there lived a king called Takshin. He was king of the entire Yegiusqihi region located in the central part of the continent of Enipomoelia. He had a number of worthy men in his court, including a musician, a poet, a finance minister, an administrative advisor, a jester, a lieutenant, and a few others. King Takshin's uncle, King Qodnim had been the king before him. He had been a great king who was loved by his people for his policies and his sense of justice. There was a rumour that he had disguised himself as a peasant to catch a landlord who was known to exploit peasants. Besides, he also personally listened to problems of the people once in a month. ...read more.


On looking at him sitting with his legs spread on a chair in his garden, staring into the whiteness , it would seem as if he was extremely fond of nature and scenery. But reality was different, and if you were one of his advisors or for that matter, even one of the kings of the neighbouring kingdoms, you would know why. An important aspect of the king's character that had been hidden to the public till this point of time was his ambition. He was extremely ambitious unlike his predecessor, and his ambition was to expand his empire to an unimaginable size by conquering central and eastern Enip omoelia upto the Sea of Uzhotx. To achieve this, he had already sent spies to three of the neighbouring kingdoms. He had already begun war with one of the kingdoms, and was extremely successful. ...read more.


Thousands of soldiers were killed, and King Takshin managed a narrow escape by jumping into a river that flowed into his kingdom. He reached his palace on the plains below humiliated, and desperate for vengeance. However, the worst was yet to come. The neighbouring king too was pursuing expansionist objectives, and had invaded Yegiusqihi. There was killing and oppression throughout his kingdom. The king's favourite poet no longer spoke happy verses, but instead said: "Come and see the blood in the streets, Come and see the blood in the streets, Come and see the blood in the streets!". The king realized that since the day he had murdered his uncle, his kingdom was doomed. He then killed himself, being left with no other option. Note: The lines "Come and see the blood in the streets, Come and see the blood in the streets, Come and see the blood in the streets!". have been taken from Neruda's "I explain some things" ...read more.

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