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Creative writing from Macbeth - Malcolm's Speech

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Malcolm?s Speech to England Friends, brothers, countrymen. Here you stand, oblivious to the deterioration, the destruction, the degeneration of part of our Great Britain. The formerly great Macbeth, who fought so valiantly against the Norwegians, has committed the unthinkable. Following his appointment as Thane of Cawdor, greed enveloped his soul, jealousy wrapped her vice like claws around his black heart. And in an act of pure hatred, Macbeth in the dead of night, murdered the beloved King Duncan and took the crown. ...read more.


We must join and fight for the sanctity of England, of Wales, of Scotland, to stop this ravenous monster from expanding his hold on us, on our friends, on our families. Now brethren, here we stand, on the eve of a new bleak era for Scotland, aware of abominations of a man who has fallen so far. We must stop the infection before it becomes too large. We must stop him before he turns his eye towards greater things, towards England. When will he stop his ruthless campaign for power? ...read more.


But not without need. Rally forth men of England. Let us fight for the oppressed, fight for the downtrodden, fight for the dawn that comes after an endless dark night. Arise Englishmen, arise honorable men, arise free men with hunger in your hearts. Hunger for a corrupt ruler, hunger to paint the walls of Dunsinane with the crimson blood of Macbeth and leave his body for the carrion birds to feast on his unrighteous flesh. Alone we are weak but together we are strong, together we can take back what Macbeth does not deserve, together with our noble cause, we cannot be defeated. Ride with me men, ride with me to Scotland and fear no darkness. ...read more.

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