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Creative Writing from Sohrabs point of view in "The Kite Runner".

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Sohrab's point of view My father died a short time ago, my mother who was shot right after my father Hassan. I still remember when me and him did all this fun stuff. One day when Taliban came to my master's house which my dad took care of, a Taliban officer told him to leave and my dad refused. And from that day on I am left alone without parents. When I was taken away by the Taliban it was my life scariest moment, I had a feeling that they are going to do the same as they did to my father. The Taliban made me dance and made me do duties until they told me to stop. The food they gave me was really little and I prayed to god that I wish I had someone who came and helped me. They kept me in a place where there was blood of people, dead bodies. But one day god has listened to me; a man who looks like my father's age arrived at the door step of the Taliban room. ...read more.


I sat there praying to god. It was morning and I see Amir and we talked about my Father Hassan, but I burst into tears and I asked Amir if god will put him into hell. Amir said he did the right thing and he deserved it and told me I did nothing wrong. He thanked me for saving his life and I was also happy that my parents were not here to see me. To me Amir felt like a father, he asked me if I wanted to go to San Francisco with me. Many questions roar into my mind, I thought what if Amir's wife does not like me or what if people in America think I am different. He told me that he and my father were half brothers but he did not know about this. I asked him why, but he said he also didn't know. I asked Amir how America was like and some questions that roar in my mind earlier. ...read more.


I asked him why he brought me here and I want my old life back why didn't you leave me in the water. He was reading to me but I paid no attention, I was thinking about the days my father took me the parks and taught me slingshots. We then arrive in America i didn't feel like talking to anyone. One day when Amir, Soraya, and Kamila took me to a gathering of Afghans at a park. It was raining that day and I was standing outside in the rain until the weather cleared. I saw kites flying in the air and Amir took me over and got me a kite to fly. He asked me if I wanted to run it but I didn't say anything while Amir ran the kite he asked me again. I took over and a green kite approached and Amir showed me what my father's favourite trick was and we kite down the kite. People were cheering giving me a smile. Maybe I was wrong when I tried to cut myself and giving up but now I think I will be happy with my new family in America. ...read more.

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