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Creative writing. Heathcliffs account of childhood after Mr Earnshaws death. You should aim to create an authentic voice for Heathcliff which builds upon Emily Brontes presentation of this character and captures aspects of the writers chosen form

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Heathcliff's account of childhood after Mr Earnshaw's death, during the period of time when Catherine has recently returned from Thurshcross Grange. You should aim to create an authentic voice for Heathcliff which builds upon Emily Bronte's presentation of this character and captures aspects of the writers chosen form, structure and language Hindley the desolate offspring of Mr Earnshaw ascended to the position of new proprietor of The Heights, after the master died. He had been waiting for this his entire unremarkable life; now, finally, his domineering controlling behaviour would serve a purpose. A point which would become clearer as he took sovereignty over all inhabitants, especially my young self. Those days after Mr Earnshaw's death were dark; the rain wouldn't stop, I remember Nelly saying "it's not only us crying, the Gods are too." Not only did we have the pleasure of Hindley among us for the Masters funeral but we were introduced to my adoptive brother's odious wife, Frances. Who, you would have thought, shared in equal measure, the abhorrence that Hindley held in his heart for me. If it was not for these two monstrous concoctions, these pathetic excuses for human life, my early days would have been far less troubled, and I would have had no cause to wreak such havoc amongst the people I loved. ...read more.


Instead I have been quietly plotting against Hindley who I am ashamed to say, by law alone, is my brother. I admit however, that now that I am stronger, I do enjoy these fights and conflicts we have. "Brothers" have them and if anything they make me fitter and stronger also they show that I am stronger then he, there is a power struggle within the Heights and I realise now that this scares him. Everyone knows that we dislike each other intensely, but the fact he went to extreme lengths in order just to see me miserable, is testimony to his hard hearted acrimony towards me. Sadly, after the loss of Mr Earnshaw there was no one to stop him. He became irrationally obsessed with the power which he had been granted, and did his very best to ensure that I eked out a slave's existence. I was instructed to undertake a plethora of mindless errands, or copy entire lengthy passages out of the Holy Bible; he gave me many beatings, when he deemed that I had in some way misbehaved. He merely needed to express his displeasure, and I was his vulnerable target. ...read more.


I had been certain that she would have had wonderful stories to tell, what the three of them had got up to, the stories would have made me laugh for years to come I imagined . Instead she came back in a dress, looking beautiful, but utterly different. Not my Cathy at all. We have grown distant since she returned, and even though life now is dark and cold without the love I and Cathy once shared, a love which I shall never forget. Why I still love and long for my Cathy every day, I will never comprehend. Those days we spent together were the happiest I have ever lived, the conversations we had, and the fact I knew that we both trusted each other so thoroughly was a wonderful thing. I would give anything just to return to those blessed times with my Cathy. I will always be grateful for the love we shared. I beseech any great powers out there to allow me to bask once again in the glory of that love, for Cathy and me to be permitted to return to that happy state of intimacy. Just the two of us where we will grow old together, fortune could throw anything at me, and I would happily take it my stride. Please. Allow this wish to be fulfilled, I need her. Andrew Corcoran. Word Count- 1161. ...read more.

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