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Creative writing - reaction to news of Willy Loman's death

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I can?t believe I just came from Willy Loman funeral....The great Willy Loman is dead and it baffles me. How could he die? Why would he commit suicide...why Willy? Why? Why would you do such a thing to yourself? Willy had everything a man could want. A lovely family with a caring wife. Linda always cared for him she gave him attention and when he wanted something she would run and get it for him with ought even thinking twice sometimes he would tell her to do the dumbest things and she would do it without even thinking. And his sons Biff and Happy they always looked up to their father wanting to be just like him when they grew up. Sure they had their arguments..but every family has to argue. But Willy always seemed disappointed in his sons when they tried their hardest to succeed and impress him. ...read more.


But that wouldn?t have caused the death of Willy. It was his job! That damn job worked him to the bone. Willy always wined and moaned about that stupid job and I offered him a job many a time. But it was wrong of biff to say that willy had all the wrong dreams I had to defend willy.I can?t count the number of times that I offered Willy a job time and time again I would tell him to come work with me and he would just reject me. I would have given him better working times better working conditions more pay. He was ashamed to take a job offer from me but why I was his friend. He always asked for money and I would give it to him when I needed it more than him and he never paid me back. Nevertheless he should have taken my job offers. ...read more.


Even though he was always jealous of me I always cared for him and all I can think about is Willy sitting in his chair and laughing and I just want to go to and say hi to him but he?s not there anymore Willy was always after the American dream and that caused his death. He had big dreams of success and its a pity that he never met them. But to be a business man it is a constant uphill battle that willy tried to fight. But he loved his job he always told me how everyone knew him in New England and in Boston. And how officers would guard his car. He was always happy. Poor Linda I can?t even imagine what she is going through but it almost seemed like she knew it was coming. I can?t imagine a life without my wife or without my son....I get shivers just at the thought of it. I can?t believe it. Oh I have to get my car to the washing bay before noon I must go quickly. ...read more.

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