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Crucible Commentary - In this passage, Arthur Miller uses punctuation, diction and stage direction to show how Abigail is a selfish and greedy little girl seeking only her benefits

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Crucible Commentary Essay English Abigail is a desperate woman seeking her own benefits. She says everything that is necessary to others along with mockery even though it may hurt them. But the irony is, she does not like being hurt either. She is selfish and greedy. Although some people may argue that humans are greedy animals that do anything to gain their profits, there is always a limit to how far a person can go. For example, a person may love a person for their own benefit as long as they don?t intrude the other person?s rights. But in this play, Abigail has gone over the limit. The play is based on a place called Salem where a lot of people were being accused of witchery at 1692. This particular passage is a scene where a young girl called Abigail is arguing with a farmer John Proctor over the fact if she had an affair with him or not. In this passage, Arthur Miller uses punctuation, diction and stage direction to show how Abigail is a selfish and greedy little girl seeking only her benefits. ...read more.


It can be seen from this statement that although Abigail did not liked getting insulted, she insulted other people herself using strong words such as cold, sniveling and sickly. She insulted people without thinking in their side of the position and clearly acted in a selfish manner of ending a conversation when she felt the need for it. Another example would be in the line ?I know how you ~ sweated like a stallion?. Abigail used a simile, a stallion in particular compared to Proctor, to describe how energetic Proctor was during the affair. The choice of word here is particular because in John Proctor?s view, it would be very embarrassing being compared to a stallion when a young girl like Abigail shouts outs how good he was in having sex. This shows that Abigail does not respect the other person and blabbers whatever words she needs to in order to gain her benefits. Also, the act of slyness to gain her own benefits can be seen in some stage directions. Arthur Miller used stage directions to show Abigail?s way of gaining her own benefits in whatever way possible. ...read more.


But on the next line Proctor pushes her away from her as seen in the stage direction ?gently pressing her from him?. By this part, it can be seen that Abigail is very selfish, making an act that may please herself but without the other person?s approval. Pulilius Syrus (Roman author , 1st Century B.C.) said this: ?Poverty wants much; but avarice, everything?. Something more dangerous than the desire to become free from poverty is greed. When a person wants too much, they eventually fall into an endless hole. People may say that a good amount of greed in a sense of ambition may be a benefit, but once a person gets greedy, there is no way to stop the greed to carry the person away. Abigail has a high amount of ambition which may contribute to her determination to gain her desires, but anything of too much is not effective. Although not mentioned in the passage, later on Abigail flees the town with some money and is later said to become a prostitute, having a miserable life. The wrong usage of greed can lead humans into an irreversible state of chaos. This is why we should not let our desires overflow our minds and lead to corruption. ...read more.

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