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Dallas Winston Character Analysis: The Outsiders

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Nathan Katica Ms. Kepler 11-22-2008 1st Period Dallas Winston Dallas Winston, also known as Dally, is considered the "real character" of the gang known as the greasers in S.E. Hinton's dramatic novel The Outsiders. His blonde, almost white hair, blazing blue eyes, high cheekbones and pointed chin only emphasize his bitter exterior. Greasers are not typical hoodlums. They share a sense of hope which the Curtis brothers reflect in their attempt to create a future for Ponyboy. This sense of hope is the shade of difference that separates a greaser from a hood and that difference is not present in Dally. ...read more.


If something beefed him, he would retaliate (89). Nonetheless, Dally is thought of as the most noble of and the most loyal to the gang. After the unfortunate incident of Johnny Cade killing a Soc named Bob in order to protect Pony, Dally does not hesitate to guide them into the old church in Windrixville for hiding to escape the police where the greasers lived, and nor does he hesitate to provide them with protection and money, even if it meant going to jail himself. When Two-Bit Matthews, Dally's friend and a greaser, broke windows in the school building, the police accused and pursued Dally. ...read more.


Hidden behind Dally's rough exterior is a passionate love for Johnny, a love motivated by Dally's sight of himself in him and an internal desperation for love. If it had been anyone but Johnny who had told him to stop harassing Cherry and Marcia at the Nightly Double, Dally would have flattened him (24). Dally admired Johnny's soft spoken personality and didn't want a sentence in jail to harden Johnny like it had hardened himself (89-90). Dallas Winston grew up poor and disadvantaged and he became what seemed to be a depraved person. However, as the story unfolds it becomes clear that people who can be presumed as depraved can develop to sacrifice themselves for their friends and mature to attain redeeming qualities such as loyalty and bravery. ...read more.

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