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Dante's Inferno - how the sins of some famous people would be punished.

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Johnnie Shelton 3rd Hour Mrs. Gardner 10-20-2012 Celebrities in Circles Dante?s description of hell may seem corrupt in the eyes of civilians today. Although the main cause is because people do not want to believe that a specific sin gains them access into a specific circle for the fact that maybe they perform that sin. In today?s world however, many celebrities and famous convicts fall guilty to the sins in the Inferno. If what Dante has correctly assumed how hell is played out than many people are in for some serious punishments. Many present day people would fit the criteria for some the circles, all that has to be done is identifying their appropriate sin and which circle that sin would put them in. Many people wouldn?t believe it but the famous artist Van Gogh would fit accordingly to one of the circles. Which one you may ask? Van Gogh would find himself in the second circle of hell. In his life, he lusted for love as if he had no other priorities in life. ...read more.


Cerberus would rip him about into minuscule pieces and once he was done, he would do it all over(44). Adam would also have to sit in garbage while stinking snow fell on him. Being in the third circle would be very awful and tiring. One of the world?s most famous Hoarder was Langley Collyer. He could not resist but save every last thing he ever had. He lived with his brother in a house of which they combined everything. The house was loaded and there was no room to live. Langley never went outside because he was too afraid of people stealing all of his assets. He rigged his house with booby traps just in case that would happen as well. He would be put in the fourth circle of hell, which is the Wasters and the Hoarders. For all eternity he would have to push a tremendously heavy weight back and forth. He must also scream, ?Why must you waste,? to the other wasters while they scream, ?Why must you hoard,? at him(51). It is not worth savoring worldly items to have to push weights around all the time. ...read more.


He stole jewels from as many other ships as possible and got away nearly every single time. Many other pirates tried to be like him. He would find his home in the eighth circle in Dante?s hell. His punishment would be to be wrapped up by a snake and combust. After that, he would turn into a snake and wrap another person and destroy them. The transformation is extremely painful as well(175). This pain goes on for all eternity. There are several thieves in the world today that would end up in this circle, but Black Beard was the greatest of all time. Dante?s circles provide a detailed description on how he perceives it. This book has the ability to scare people into being better people. It is a book that everyone should read at least once in their lives. If people don?t watch out, a huge part of the population will meet the standards for one or more of these circles. Obviously, nobody knows for sure if this is how it is in hell, but in theory it was wrote well. Many present day celebrities would fit the criteria for some of the circles, all that has to be done is identifying their sins. ...read more.

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