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Describe how Beloved successfully evokes the sufferings of the slaves that transpired in 18t h century Kentucky and Ohio.

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WT 2 CRITICAL ESSAY ON BELOVED BY TONI MORRISON Prescribed Question: why and How?? Title of the text for analysis: Beloved by Toni Morrison, 1986 Course: part 3 Literature My critical response will focus on: * The condition of the slaves in the 18th century America. I will talk about the conditions in America before and after the emancipation act. * The transportation of the blacks for slave trade from Africa. And what makes Morrison dedicate this novel to the dead slaves. What was the real life incident that inspired Morrison to write this novel. * The brutality of the white people in the treatment of the slaves. What did they do when slaves tried to run from slavery? And if they accepted the emancipation from their heart? I will also reflect on the identity crisis of the black people. The whites gave the slaves new names thereby erasing their identities as well as history. * How slavery was responsible in the extermination of 60 million black people. It is interesting to know that many of the deaths occurred when the slaves killed their children at their hands to save their future. ...read more.


Fed up with persecution and brutality, Sethe makes an attempt to flee from here, but unfortunately she is caught. As a punishment, she is humiliated, and the white slave owners suck her milk. She is flayed alive despite her being six-month-pregnant. Her husband Halle is helpless, and he is psychologically so much shaken by the figurative rape of his wife, that he becomes insane. Morrison?s novel raises a question: can a social injustice as big as slavery be perpetrated in the name of color and skin? Sethe is a woman with "iron eyes and a backbone to match.? She flees again, and reaches Ohio in the house of her mother in law, Baby Suggs. Baby Suggs is another character that has been dehumanized by slavery. She has been a slave for the last sixty years, and has led such a life that is heart rending. She bears eight children with six different fathers. All her children but one are sold into slavery without her ever having a chance to bid them goodbye. The embittered fate of Sethe is the last straw that breaks Baby Suggs? back. She dies a slow death fully convinced that ?there was no bad luck in this world but white folks." ...read more.


Their atrocious past hauls them, and more than living in the present they live in the past. Paul D is haunted by his past in the prison. He feels that he has lost his heart during the time of slavery and all he has is a tin of tobacco enclosed in his ribs. Sethe is lost in the contemplation of her act of killing her daughter, and justifying it. Beloved is all interested in the past of Sethe, and is determined to haunt her without ever forgiving her for what she did in the past. The stream of consciousness technique aided by the flashback helps the reader understand that the past of these characters is so sinister that they seem to be suspended in the limbo, or a purgatory from where there is no escape. To conclude, the novel ?Beloved? successfully evokes the sufferings of the slaves that transpired in the 18th century Kentucky and Ohio. By portraying the condition of the slaves Morrison makes the readers aware of the social and political conditions existing in America, a factor that marginalized all the blacks of the American society. Morrison dedicates the novel to the 60 million slaves who lost their lives in America on account of the evil of racism, slavery and discrimination. ...read more.

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