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Diary Entry Ethan Frome Oh Ethan how I wish time could stand still when I am with you.

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Diary Entry Ethan Frome Oh Ethan how I wish time could stand still when I am with you. Why did you not come in and dance with me at the church? It would have been just perfect if you would have come and danced with me for the last dance. I could have felt your arms around me like the warmth of a summer's day and we would have been together ......... Why did you not come to me outside? Were you watching me with Dennis Eady? You're so angry when you mention his name. You can't possibly be jealous of him', me and Dennis Eady, why would you think that? ...read more.


Ethan's taking me coasting; I can't wait to sit close to him to feel the warmth of his body against mine, to be able to smell him. We will be like Ned Hale and Ruth Varnum so happy even if it's just while we are coasting Why do you think I would rather be with Dennis Eady? I'd rather be with you, I'll never leave you ever Ethan!!! Oh Ethan your arm felt so warm and strong around my waist, I feel so protected from the world when I am with you and I wish you would hold me tight against you and kiss me. ...read more.


Zeena always leaves the key there, what does she mean by saying I felt so mean, was she going to leave us outside all night on the door step, it's really cold. Why was she still awake ? she always goes to bed. We should be together; we make each other feel so happy Ethan, what's going to happen Ethan? Oh Ethan how long the night seems lying here, waiting for the morning just so we can share some more time. Do you want me Ethan? you are always quiet, never say how you feel, will thing always be like this Ethan? ...read more.

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