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Different Aspects of Life - Summer Experience

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Lekha Ravichandran Period 0 IB English 11 08/30/08 Different Aspects of Life I will always fondly look back on the memories of my ten-day trip to New York City to attend the Global Business and Entrepreneurship Conference. It was a leadership program that took place over this summer, which brought together kids from all over the U.S. and taught us crucial skills that would guide us throughout our lives. Never will I forget the incredible things I've encountered throughout this crowded city with busy people and the streets packed with cars, taxis, and buses - all surrounded by tall skyscrapers. It was different from Greensboro, and I felt like I needed that change. ...read more.


I took a moment to reflect on my experiences and thought about how the conference not only raised my confidence and degree of interest in pursuing business, but also changed my outlook about myself and helped me discover many different aspects of life I haven't opened myself up to before. I let my mind wander off to the day we presented our business plan for the product my group and I came up with to the investors and venture capitalists. Our group made it to the final round and had a very successful period during our stay at this conference. I also thought about my first summer fling that took place during this time. ...read more.


I haven't said a word yet to either of them, but my mom smiled and said, "You've changed." She was right. I've become more independent and matured. I was certainly not the same person I was ten days ago. As I write this, I look back with nostalgic, bittersweet sentiments on the best experience of my life. I realize that I can use the valuable knowledge I've gained to help others by sharing some of this knowledge and exercising the leadership skills I've developed. That, to me, is the purpose of this entire experience - to be able to touch the lives of others, which is the greatest reward in itself. ?? ?? ?? ?? 2 ...read more.

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