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Discuss the concept of contrast between characters i.e. Antigone and Ismene".

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In this essay I am going to be talking about the concept of contrast between characters i.e. "Antigone" and "Ismene", in beginning and "Antigone" and "Creon" in scene 2, within the play "Antigone". I am going to contrast the effects that each character gives in individual senses; most of the effects that are shown are mainly expressed in the effects of language/ imagery, themes, symbols, structure and organisation. In the beginning of the play we see that Antigone and her sister Ismene are arguing above the situation of their "brother's death by each other's hand". This effect gives us the impression of conflict throughout the play. We see that Ismene has a deep respect for those how are above her in politics and family, where as Antigone has a different view on how she represents her self towards other people, she dignifies the way how she dose not ask for help but shows that she is determined towards her brothers death, we see this when she says "then in future I will not bid you help me". However "ismene" sees it differently "we now left alone - do but consider how most miserable we too shall perish" in this I think ...read more.


Although "Antigone" shows that she has a tough exterior when she says, "Do not spend your fear on me" we can also see her humanity or helplessness side by when she says "will u join me, will you work with me". This illustrates that when people care for others and want to do the best for them they would do anything to make to them happy by this we can see that even if you are a strong person with a voice you will always needs help from others. In these scenes we see that the language illustrates the course of imagery towards different aspect that attract are intentions as an audience. In the opening scene the language used to illustrate the use of personification where "Antigone" says, "do you perceive how heaven upon us two means to fulfil before we come to die" this illustrates that she has gone through bad times and is losing hope in life yet is willing to fight for her life and living as part of a family even though there is not much family left. ...read more.


However in the scene with "Antigone" and "Creon" the context is portrayed in the opposite way where the convocational argument is out in the public "Knew you the order not to do it?" "Antigone ", "yes I knew it " and "and you made free to overstep my law" this illustrates that in this scene "Creon" has no respect for "Antigone" by disrespecting her in front of the "Senator", this gives us the impression that "Creon" abuses his place and the power he has received as king. In this play we see that "Antigone" represents a tragic heroine were we see that even though her brother is dead we still see that she still respects him and honours him by trying to give him the proper royal burial " it is no shame to pay respect to our own flesh and blood" and " the dead clay makes no protest" this illustrates that she would give her life to do anything for your family and even though she gives her life for her own honour. ?? ?? ?? ?? Parminder Matharu English Mrs. Ferguson 13.1 ...read more.

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