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Discuss the Role of Society and Honour Codes in "Blood Wedding" by Garcia Lorca.

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Role of Society and Honour codes in causing conflicts in blood wedding The internationally acclaimed classic ?blood wedding? by Garcia Lorca is remarkable in that the writer is able to show the macrocosm of the Andalusian society through the microcosm of a real murder that took place in Nijjar in 1928. In that sensational murder case the man who had eloped with the bride was brutally murdered by his cousin. The novel at large reflects the Andalusian society that is responsible for promoting blood vendetta and honor killings in the name of the societal norms and culture. Lorca shows how the societal pressures cause conflicts between man and society, man and man, and man and god, wherein the society gets the upper hand, notwithstanding the fact that it was the individuals that created the society. Like other societies of the world, the Spanish society is also founded on certain tenets and dogmas when it comes to gender roles, class system, religion and familial honour. Through his powerful language, symbols and imagery, Lorca gives us a crystal clear picture of the Andalusian society that has a rigid and stern mindset on the social and cultural issues. ...read more.


Like every society, the Andalusian society is formed on the pillars of religion. The Catholic Christians firmly believe in the commandments, ?thou shalt not commit adultery.? In such a rigid society there is no place for divorce or remarriage. The Mother and the Father lead their lives in isolation without giving second thoughts of remarriage. But it is the irony of human kind that the Andalusian people, so governed by religious dogmas, forget the preceding commandment, ?thou shalt not commit murder.? Whether it be the Spanish society or any other, honour killing is prevalent universally among all cultures and faith. And there is no doubt that Leonardo and the Bridegroom are scarified at the altar of this diabolical honour code as manifested in this society. Ego and pride engender such conflicts in their minds that will be stretched to eternity given their family feud. Through his work Garcia also makes the reader ponder over the role of the Catholic Church in matters that are highly personal. The playwright himself had homoerotic propensities towards other men, and it is not surprising that he was made an outcast and later murdered for harboring such passions. ...read more.


How ironic! The bride is the greatest sufferer in the society as she is to blame for whatever she does. If she elopes with Leonardo and marries him, it will be a family disgrace. And if she marries the Bridegroom repressing all her emotion she is no more than a living corpse as every breath of hers heaves the name of Leonardo. The conflict she faces cannot be resolved, and hence she is prepared to face the doom. She asks Leonardo to leave her after her elopement or help her commit suicide knowing fully well the repercussions of her elopement. Desperate, frantic and woebegone she sees no ray of hope, and whimpers, "I wish I were a man." (Bride, page 21.) It is possible that if she were born a man, she might escape the circumstance wherein she was crushed by the internal and external forces. Murder, revenge, vengeance are the outcries when the people come to know of the accursed elopement. Propelled by the desire of restoring his family honour, the bridegroom chases the absconding couple. Lorca here develops the plot on the lines of an Aristotelian tragedy where Leonardo and The Bridegroom await their doom brought about with the assistance of the woodcutter and the beggar woman. The two men kill each other to resolve the conflict, but ...read more.

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