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Discuss the three main characters, Jimmy, Crake and Oryx, found in the novel Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood; portraying a dystopic world in our near future.

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Internal Assessment: Oral Expos� Allow me to start you off with a question. Isn't it hard to comprehend the idea of a novel, without any characters? Think a second. Well yes. There will be no dialogue, no experiences hence no story to convey, and no novel to start with. Therefore characters are one of the most necessary elements of a novel; and this is what this oral presentation will scrutinize. This oral presentation aims to answer these questions during the process: how are the characters presented on paper, how do may the readers interpret the characters, what are the purposes of the characters and their actions. These questions will refer to the three main characters, Jimmy, Crake and Oryx, found in the novel Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood; portraying a dystopic world in our near future. Jimmy is the main character of the novel. The author presents Jimmy to us at the beginning of the book as a naked and ruined man, which has somehow survived a disaster of some sort. He is a vulnerable creature that has managed to stay alive in a new dangerous and vicious ecosystem. ...read more.


Glenn acts similar to an average teenager however he lacks the emotions and tenderness. Nonetheless he possesses a strong logic. Glenn only operates from logical theorems like robots we see in science fiction. When Jimmy and Glenn start playing a game called Extinctathon, Glenn adopts the name Crake (name of an extinct red necked Australian bird). Foreshadowing his, own extinction in near the end of the novel. Although his name changes Crake doesn't develop through the novel. Crake continues depending only on pure logic at every aspect of life and lacks the human emotions. Crake is blinded from his desire to carry out his logical theorems and kills all of humanity including him. No normal human being can ever dare to think of an action like this. Crake lacks the realism that Jimmy possesses. Most readers will identify Glenn as the most intelligent kid in class who always has something clever to say. I heard that most people think that Jimmy's and Crake friendship is improbable. The mentality is that people become friends with people as same as them, intelligent with intelligent, sporty people with sporty people etc. ...read more.


Actually it is more similar to a "v" shape where Oryx is the point of the shape. This produces a new conflict: a conflict for Jimmy to win his true love entirely from Crake. Another would be Oryx having to choose one of the two. However Oryx isn't in a state of conflict, when any normal person should. This leaves the character incomplete and alien to readers. To conclude, all three of the characters are different from each other: Jimmy is the closest representation of us humans, Crake is what robot are like in humans destroying humans thinking they are imperfect, and Oryx is the na�ve beautiful girl that follows anyone that sound convincing. Crake and Oryx may lack the humanlike features; however they have important drives to fulfill. This novel wouldn't be what it is without them. Nonetheless Jimmy is the strongest and most entertaining character in the Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood. Throughout the presentation I tried to give a brief background of the characters, how many readers might interpret these characters, and their roles in the novel. Every individual reads and understand differently. Of course, literature pieces are always debatable. Now if there is any question please feel free and thank you listening. ?? ?? ?? ?? IB 2 English SL 1 ...read more.

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