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Discuss what specific qualities you feel constitute what it means to be human; then apply that criteria to the characters in "Metamorphosis".

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Alicia Storti Ms. Hoyt Metamorphosis by Kafka 7 December 2012 Prompt: Discuss what specific qualities you feel constitute what it means to be ?human;? then apply that criteria to the characters in the novella Truth be told, all humans are animals. Specifically, humans have supposedly evolved from monkeys, but why then are they categorized as humans? Most every specie was created in the same way. They have eyes, a nose, a mouth, and ears. These are the aspects that point to the fact of being alive. Humans are no different in that physical way. However, there must be particular traits humans contain in order for them to be categorized into a whole new ?kind.? The most common answer is that humans differ from animals because they have the ability to reason and know right from wrong. While that statement is true, there seems to be many more answers. ...read more.


Humans are always striving to be better, either in the sense of being a better person, or just becoming more skilled at something. As for animals, they seem to strive to master certain skills in order to survive, but that reflective quality appears to be absent. All in all, humans are mystical beings with the ability to think, reason, and reflect. Lastly, humans possess superiority in their mind set and truly believe they are better than any other living creature. Humans think they are the rule makers and that they can control nature and animals. With the increasing production of technology, society has become pretty sufficient in their abilities. For instance, the weather channel tells people a prediction of what is going to happen outside their windows for the coming week. People seem to be so afraid to not be prepared. In turn, humans hold a control issue and stomp all over anything that gets in their way. ...read more.


Furthermore, the family tries to sympathize with Gregor?s condition, but they do not know how much humanity is still intact. They want to extinguish him from the house and Grete says, ?He must go, that?s the only solution, Father. You must just try to get rid of the idea that this is Gregor. The fact that we?ve believed it for so long is the root of all our trouble.? Even though Gregor still has his same human qualities, his own family tries to dehumanize him as much as possible in order to get rid of him. To them, he is no longer human and apparently just because someone?s appearance alters means that they are no longer the same. The ending is very tragic because Gregor dies and the family feels a great sense of relief. It is as if that disgusting vermin was ruining all their lives. However, the greatest tragedy is the fact that many a times people cannot see past the outer shell of another. ...read more.

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