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English poetry analysis - Search for My Tongue and Unrelated Incidents

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"Search for My Tongue" and "Unrelated Incidents" A. Search for my tongue * What is the poem suggesting about the link between language and cultural identity? After researching I found out that this actually, is an extract from a long poem. This extract simply suggests that language is culture and if language is lost so will the culture be; that is true because if one already lives in another culture other than original one, they would be affected by it, and they would have to give up one to fit into the other because one simply can't completely and fully be a [art of two cultures, as they will probably contradict in something at some point; they wouldn't be eating the same food they would normally eat, dress the same way they normally dress or even talk at the very least the same way they would in their original environment, if that all takes place when someone moves to a place for a long time then one could only imagine what would the people born in those new cultures would be like. The poem clearly shows that through these lines: 1. ...read more.


And then the second one being the answer to that question, third stanza is where the climax is, where the poet uses Gujarati to confuse the reader the most and then the fourth and final stanza where the final answer and conclusion are revealed. Metaphors and imagery (visual and auditory) are being intensely used throughout the poem. As already mentioned above the whole poem is a huge metaphor; because the poet mixes a both meaning of the word "tongue" together, the literal meaning (a physical tongue) and the other also common but not literal meaning (language). She goes on about "if you had two tongues in your mouth" and "until you had to spit it out" which is: a. Very descriptive visual imagery b. Saying words such as "spit it out" would mean that it something physically out of the mouth so it is a successful use of the metaphor. She finally then in stanza three used auditory imagery by writing down the words in Gujarati and then putting the English pronunciation so the people could read but most won't understand it; " (munay hutoo kay aakhee jeebh aakhee bhasha) (may thoonky nakhi chay) (parantoo rattray svupnama mari bhasha pachi aavay chay) (foolnee jaim mari bhasha nmari jeebh) (modhama kheelay chay) ...read more.


Anyone that watches the BBC knows that the anchors would never say things such as "yoo scruff" or "belt up" and that this is all Scottish slang that is used to help the reader get in the mood of the poem and relate to the culture and community. The poem suggests that minorities don't get enough of a chance as much as a majority to present their case and are usually discriminated against even if they're saying nothing wrong "the trooth", which is why this poem is ironic because Leonard uses a minority's accent (not so credible) on a news broadcast of a huge news agency which is usually credible. Now the reason behind that is to make us think and ask about those people's rights, and why we discriminate against them and stereotype just because the way they were taught to speak when they were growing up. The diction is very unique and a lot of enjambment is used, the longest number of syllables in one line is four and when read out loud the poem sounds amusing and funny which is what the poet does to break the edge and the seriousness of the poem and the very serious topic it discusses. So, by doing all the above this is how the poet utilizes literary features to reinforce meaning. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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