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English World Literature Essay, First draft- Dr. Zhivago

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Saahil Khemnani, 12G IB English World Literature Essay First Draft Romance, love, redemption, loneliness, and individuality. Themes such as these are not discussed in depth in a particular text, much less brought about with the use of setting and particular scenes to depict these major ideas. However, these themes are observed in Boris Pasternak?s Nobel prize winning novel ?Dr. Zhivago? as the renowned writer utilizes a large amount of literary techniques including symbolism and imagery to bring about these themes in a conspicuous and detailed manner. The novel was first published in 1957 in a small town in Italy, Europe, and then was officially published in the year 1988, and the fact that Pasternak had begun writing this text decades in advance, further emphasizes the amount of detail and content put into his remarkable work. The impact Dr. Zhivago leaves in literary history is massive. As discussed above, it was one of the main sources of Pasternak?s distinguished nobel prize, and its fundamental concepts of individualism against collectivism, and how loneliness arises the individualism, set during the time of Putin?s rule over Russia, stirs the minds of readers and allows them to relate this novel to historic events. Pasternak uses the setting, that is the place and time where this story took place, as a symbol or a tool to bring about one of the major themes of the novel. ...read more.


The individual was supreme in Russian Symbolism, both as a unique, creative being and as a representative of human emotions, dreams and values. However, At the end, Yuri?s efforts to rise as an individual have been in vain as he would not be able to survive in the current Soviet period in time as a true individual due to the Revolution?s ignorance of the underlying character of the individual. Autocracy had won over freedom. Further into the novel we begin to observe Pasternak?s ability to interlink a number of themes with each other and illustrate one theme as a result that stems from another theme. In the novel Dr.Zhivago, the psychological state of individualism in Yuri, results in a sense of loneliness, which is the second major theme of the novel. Loneliness is seen throughout the novel portrayed by the characters discreetly, which is particularly observed in Yuri. During the great political transition during this moment in time, we see that the root of all the inner and outer conflicts of this novel results from the human longing of companionship. Loneliness is an unpleasant affect, combining sadness and anxiety, a felt response to the absence of sufficient relational contact. Isolation is the condition of being separated from all important persons, things, and relationships. ...read more.


In this scene the branches of the budding apples ?miraculously? reach ?over the fences into the streets?. This symbolism is used to describe how Yuri?s individual state of mind had reached out the ?fences? of Soviet principles during the time of the Russian Revolution, instead of being just a vivid expression of the coming of spring. Furthermore, Pasternak utilizes this literary technique extensively in this novel to provide symbolism that contributes to the major themes of the novel. During this transitional period of the Russian Revolution, individualism and the individual thought and choice are suppressed, loneliness is observed everywhere, and both the young and the old are not able to take control of their own lives. Pasternak?s remarkable work is centered around the distinguished Russian Doctor who was faced with impossible choices, torn between his passion and principle, forced to contradict his ethics and beliefs. In such a situation even the sensitive, and poetic Dr. Zhivago is forced to kill several soldiers and abandon his true love. It is due to the great pain and suffering faced by the characters that this novel is a must read and it is also because of Pasternak?s comprehensive skill to portray the inner conflicts of the human mind, while maintaining a great love between two souls, while managing to invoke feelings of loneliness. The novel Dr. Zhivago is a relentless struggle for control over the body, mind and soul. ...read more.

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