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EXISTENTIALISM in Kafka's Metamorphosis

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Lavota Carter Due: 1/20/09 Per: 7-8 M-T-Th Final Essay EXISTENTIALISM In Franz Kafka's work the Metamorphosis there are ties to the ideal of existentialism. This way of thought is defined as a philosophy that emphasizes the uniqueness and isolation of the individual experience in a hostile or indifferent universe, regards human existence as unexplainable, and stresses freedom of choice and responsibility for the consequences of one's acts. Thus in plain speak meaning that you eat what you dish out, meanwhile it is imperative that you bring meaning into your life. Without such things your life will seem meaningless, obviously, in turn the very thought makes the statement true. ...read more.


Hiding under the couch when Grete comes in the room is an instance of this behaviour. Throughout the novella he bemoans his unavailability to do things for them, even though they have clearly abandoned him. The role of existentialism in the Metamorphosis is to promote the notion of individuality or in other words the concrete existence. This is the main focus of existentialism anyway. However the book has the theme of the absurd or rather absurdism, a product of existentialism, to an extent in which it does not leave the jurisdiction of existentialism. Gregor has been victim to a devastating event leading into an absurd world. ...read more.


If he would have been able to continue in this way he might have found an adequate answer. Nevertheless he ends up dying due to the lack of eating he had recently been doing. His death reconfirms that cost of one's actions. The repetitive showings of Gregors failure at individuality furthermore chips away at a possibility of Gregor forming something to resemble a "concrete" existence. His broken bond with family tears it to shreds. He has no more reason to hold on to life, a life he has no purpose in. The unfortunate character Gregor due to his own choice is alienated from society and family and remains that way in his final moments. The fact that his peace of mind during his last breaths might have been due to his acceptance of his experiences remains to be interpreted by the reader. ...read more.

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