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Facebook Manifesto

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should be a compulsory subject in any education. Facebook. Arguably the most popular social- networking website of this current era. Comprises of more than 175 million active users worldwide, Facebook is a expanding global trend that not only promotes social- networking, Facebook also promotes the modern lifestyle that should have a part in education. In this current fast- paced and exuberant era, the Facebook phenomenon is our culture. The cultural norm of interaction through digital space has become a common practice in today's life. In Facebook's case, users interact socially through different components available in the website. One component is Facebook'wall function in which messages are posted publically in the users' Facebook profile. Another infamous component is the Inbox module that serves similarly as normal e-mail messaging. Facebook is lifestyle. ...read more.


Sure, there are countless other social networking websites such as MySpace, and Friendster, and yet Facebook still dominates the net through its intricately simple design. Facebook makes it look cool to have a universal text for the whole website, and (almost!) having created the same profile pages as everyone else. Education. Education is an integral part of society, that inevitably prepares students for life, it also serves as a learning purpose to "develop the knowledge, skill, or character of students." (teachersmind.com). The education system was at first partially intended for the industrial age where education would help people get jobs easier and be more effective. Yet in this day and age, education cannot only be used as a mechanism to get jobs. Students need to be aware of the importance of human interrelation in which society is built upon. ...read more.


Facebook develops character. Facebook subconsciously molds student's characters more vividly from the constant virtual social exposure between peers. Students are more easily adept in approaching different types different types of people in the society, and to strenuously develop long- term relationship between them. Facebook prepares students for life. However you may look at it, education prepares students for life. Facebook equally does so as well in a different area of study. Facebook teaches students to manage networking with friends, and to be able to rely on each other in times of need. Facebook as Facebook. Facebook's hallmark can be referred as being: fast, easy, discovery in the making, mobile, and chic. Facebook not only is lifestyle, Facebook serves as a learning purpose. Facebook not only helps us understand the intricacy of life in which education and human interaction coexists. Facebook once again shows how vital social networking is and reminds us once more about how: "Your network is your net worth". ...read more.

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