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Female Rebellion in Handmaid's Tale

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İrem Özekes 11K 11.10.11 REBELLION OF WOMEN IN HANDMAID’S TALE In the Handmaid’s Tale, due to the oppression of patriarchal system in the society, women’s rights are held back. The restriction on woman rights thematized in the novel actually can represent the current perspective to woman rights in real World. The novel is written to display that women should be more active to gain their rights. Atwood employs different female characters in order to embody the aspects of feminism. To be able to gain their rights, female characters in the novel rebel against to the Giledian society with different means. Moira and Offred being the lead female characters in the novel, revolt against to the society, which they are obliged to live in. Being the narrator of the novel, Offred primarily shows her rebellion against Gilead society. ...read more.


She breaks the rules by seeing Commander every night as well as playing Scrabble, using hand lotion, reading magazines. What she does with Commander is all prohibited within the framework of her duty as a Handmaid. Her duty only requires giving birth to the Household that she is assigned and shopping. However, she tears down the wall of her limited framework by her secret meetings with Commander. In addition to her meetings with Commander, she also meets Nick, her affair, who tries to get Offred pregnant. Offred?s sexual encounters with Nick play an important role to fulfill the revolt of Offred in the novel. These encounters are primarily related with love, which is unbeknownst to the Gilead society, thus enhancing Offred?s rebellion more complete. With her transition from being a passive character to an active character, Offred?s rebellion is solidified. ...read more.


We hugged her to us, she was with us in secret, a giggle; she was lava beneath the crust of daily life. In the light of Moira, the Aunts were less fearsome and more absurd? (Chapter 22). After 8-9 months of escape, she is captivated and sent to the brother Jezebel?s. In the brothel Moira is given more rights, even though she is given a low status and a filthy duty to perform, it is not clear whether Moira?s rebellious and independent spirit is captivated, too. Upon seeing how Moira?s manners didn?t change after the establishment of Republic of Gilead, it is not clear whether her attitude towards system alters or not. In a nutshell, Moira is the most tenacious character in the novel who adheres to her principles thus unsurprisingly rebels against the society, even though what happened to her afterwards remains uncertain. The fact of the matter is that Moira and Offred?s distinct rebellions against the system underpin the movement against the oppression of patriarchal system. ...read more.

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