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Fighting Ruben Wolfe Alternative Ending Creative Response

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Fighting Ruben Wolfe Alternative Ending Creative Response "It's time." Bumper's near me now, and I jump to my feet and stare forward. I'm ready. Perry's shouting voice registers, but only for a second. When Bumper pushes through the door, the crowd makes its usual noise. I see it, I feel it, but I can't hear it. I walk on, inside me. Inside the fight. I climb the ropes. I get rid of the jacket. I don't see him, but I know he's there. But I want it more. Now. The ref. His words. Silent. Looking at my feet. Anywhere but at Rube. In the suffocating seconds between now and the fight, I wait. No practice punches - I'll need them all. It's fear and truth and future, all devouring me. It hunts through my blood and I'm a Wolfe. I hear the bell. With it, the crowd comes storming into my ears. ...read more.


It's always the same...until today. I watch Rube. There's something in his eyes. Something I have never seen. He's hungry. Hungry for power. Hungry for the win. I throw the first punch and miss. The next punch is from Rube. It hits me in the stomach and I am blown back. I see stars and a blurry figure staggering towards me. He takes another shot and this time his glove lands on my neck. A second later I'm against the ropes, unable to breath. Rubes looming figure is standing above me ready to take the knock out hit. Don't do it, my eyes say. His eyes are filled with fire, the hunger for the win taking over. "Finish him off!" calls Perry. Rube glares at me and raises his fist. His hand lingers in the air for a moment and then the look of hunger in his eyes is gone. ...read more.


I expect him to say something about how Steve moved out or getting a real job or even box again the next year. But he doesn't. Instead he asks me, "What do y' think I should do?" I stare off into the sky, thinking hard. Who knows what'll happen to me and Rube after this. "Dunno." We stand in silence for a while. I look at my brother. He has a look of pride and determination. He's gonna win this thing. This title of lightweight boxing. But what's gonna happen after that? Rube finally looks at me. "I think that I'm Ruben Wolfe and you're Cameron Wolfe and we're gonna take on the world as it comes into us. We're gonna go out there one day and prove ourselves." He smiles and continues looking back at the sky. Yeah, he's right. But right now I'm living at home with Mum, Dad, Sarah and Rube. Maybe next year. "Wanna go for one last run?" I ask. "You're on," he says as we sprint outta the yard. Fighting Ruben Wolfe. I'm never doing that again. Ever. Cindy Ruan 9 Reeves ...read more.

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