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FOOLS FOR LOVE: PROSTITUTES IN 'THE THIEF AND THE DOGS' AND 'WOMAN AT POINT ZERO' A prostitute is one who solicits and accepts payment for sex acts, but this definition does not encompass all the aspects of prostitution that have been portrayed in the two texts. Nur and Firdaus are prostitutes in the two books: 'The thief and the dogs' and 'Woman at point zero'. Both of them are looking love and belonging in their lives but destiny does not favor them and leads them to a life that they did not want, a life which was filled with tortures and misery. Both of them end up being prostitutes, not only in terms of getting paid for sexual acts, but also as selling their soul, honor and mind unworthily. A prostitute is also one who sells one's abilities, talent, honor or name for an unworthy purpose*. These are not the only two prostitutes in the two texts. There are multiple characters who have sold their characteristics for something in return. Hence it is transmitted to the reader that prostitution is not necessarily selling one's physical self but also one's moral, humanitarian, religious and economic qualities to gain something in return. ...read more.


Hence the reader gets a very negative impression about Said. She was looking for a Said that did not exist. Hence in both the texts, the reader sympathises with Firdaus and Nur because of what they give and what they get. As prostitutes, they did not put any feeling behind what they were doing, never gave away anything except their physical body but took something in return. Firdaus says when she is hurt after hearing that Ibrahim had got married. "To protect my deeper, inner self from men, I offered them only an outer shell." In love they away everything - all their capabilities, their dignity, their self - respect, their efforts, their feelings and deep emotions. Both of them did not get a life that they wanted. Firdaus wanted to study. She wanted to go university, but the circumstances created by the sexist, patriarchal, Egyptian society were such that she became a prostitute. Since childhood she had been confronted with sexual contact but Firdaus was too small to understand anything. All the men she encountered in her life took advantage of her- her uncle, her husband, Bayoumi, Fawzi, the policeman, Ibrahim and the pimp. ...read more.


This was the impression that Said had of Rauf but after meeting Rauf, he was no the same Rauf he had known earlier. Said had considered Rauf to be his mentor, his friend and a sword of freedom ever drawn. All these characteristics were given away for money. He had become the chief editor of the Al Zahra newspaper. Hence the reader sympathises with Nur and Firdaus, the two prostitutes who have gone through many miseries and anguish in their lives. They give away their mind, body and soul for their loved ones but do not get the response and affection they wanted. There are also other kinds of prostitutes who give away their honor, dignity, morality, virtue and their worth just for money or pleasure. They do not necessarily give away their body like actual 'prostitutes' but then too they are considered to be prostitutes. Rauf being an example in Thief and the dogs and all the hypocrite men of the sexist society in Woman at point zero. A moth overhead made love to the naked light bulb in the dead of the night. A successful prostitute is better than a misled saint. Revolution for them is like sex for us. Something to be abused. Something to be sold. ...read more.

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