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Gender Roles in "Chronicle of a Death Foretold",

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Gender role has a significant effect on the novel by showing the line between the obligations of men and women. In The Chronicle of a Death Foretold, the distinct spheres that separate men from women play a key role in developing the story. In one part of the story, when Pura Vicario was pressuring Angela to marry Bayardo San Roman, Pablo Vicario mentions that, ?It looked to us like woman problems.? (20) This shows that there indeed is a line between the social responsibilities between men and women. Pablo, representing the mindset of men, distances himself from the discussion Angela was having with Pura Vicario, thinking that a woman?s decision to marry someone was their issue. H believes that women have certain obligations that they must fulfill in their life, and consequently the decision of marriage was one of those obligations. However, all this changes when Angela Vicario confesses that Santiago Nasar had taken her virginity. ...read more.


Marquez mentions that, ?The girls had been reared to get married. They knew how to do screen embroidery, sew by machine, weave bone lace, wash and iron, make artificial flowers and fancy candy, and write engagement announcements.? (18) We are able to see that the Vicario sisters, exemplifying women in general, were given traditional roles that they had to be restricted to. The girls were brought up with the goal of being wonderful brides for marriage. They were taught the ordeals of various household responsibilities that were thought as classic jobs to be done by women. As these girls were so competent in their responsibilities such as sewing by machine, weaving, or washing, Pura Vicario, Angela?s mother, thought, ?they?re perfect.? On the other hand, expectations on men are shown as Marquez states, ?The Vicario brothers were brought up to be men.? (18) They serve in the war, take over their father?s business when he goes blind, drink and party until all hours of the night, and spend time in the local brothel. ...read more.


In another instance, Marquez mentions that, ?Angela Vicario only dared hint at the inconvenience of a lack of love, but her mother demolished it with a single phrase: "Love can be learned too." (20) Angela attempts to oppose the obligation of woman to marry a man who satisfies the standards of her parents by hinting at the inconveniences of marriage without love. Only a few months had passed and love naturally is hard to spark in such a short time. Yet, Pura Vicario, symbolizing society?s expectations on woman, dismisses Angela?s objections by stating that love is something that can be acquired. Through these two prime examples, the readers are able to grasp Marquez?s notion that gender roles are embedded deeply into the minds of individuals in a society. Although people are often able to grasp the notion that the separation in roles based on gender is causing prejudiced actions, people are not able to amend such flaws as they lack the assertiveness that is required. Furthermore, people have been adapted to the strict regulations that they have lost the fervor for change. IB Literature Y1 ...read more.

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